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  1. siiren

    Oxygen Options In Australia?

    A bit late Prince, but I have just bought the green shed's trade flame regulator and O2 bottle and can confirm that it fits. 5% discount with power pass too!
  2. siiren

    End of financial year sales?

    I got mine from pinnacle 4.5yrs ago. Still going strong………touch wood!
  3. siiren

    Where did my beautiful taste go?

    I have just done a side by side with a double decocted Oktoberfest, one bottle conditioned and one bottle filled from keg, not cpbf'ed but slow poured. Taste wise, the bottle conditioned has about double the flavour of the comparison. I thought it could be either oxidation or a sub prime bottle...
  4. siiren

    Back after 10 yrs

    This is what happened…..
  5. siiren

    Scales For Measuring Grain

    Nice find Baldrick. I got the black ones :ph34r:
  6. siiren

    Sodium Percarbonate Surfactant?

    Sodium Metasiicate replaced TSP in cleaning products as it contains no Phosphates. TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate) contributed to an increase of blue/green algae in our waterways. I use both at work and TSP is definitely the stronger cleaner of the two. Painters also use it to etch a previously...
  7. siiren

    Stuff For Sale- Barossa Valley

    Picked up the cooler yesterday. Cheers mate!
  8. siiren

    Brissie Floods (object Found)

    It looks like a separator funnel. the pic could be upside down.........pretty fishy really
  9. siiren

    Removing Black Japan

    You start by cross cutting the boards on a 45 angle with a drum sander using 24, or 13 grit paper, depending on how bad the boards are. This will level the boards ready for sanding. This will also get rid of most of the black japan. On the edges, be prepared to use a lot of discs. Try to get...
  10. siiren

    Son Of A ...

    I'm considering purchasing a new, larger bottle in the New Year and keep my smaller one as a backup or make a portable sulo system. I read a few months ago that Supagas is offering a fully owned 6kg bottle for $150, with $50 refill. I called the Adelaide office, and found out it isn't offered...
  11. siiren

    Son Of A ...

    I ran out 2 beers into the Boxing Day game....2.6kg also.
  12. siiren

    New Toy Drum Smoker

    I have been practicing smoking ribs over the past few months with my UDS. It's been a challenge, the first few batches came out a bit tough. Reason being temperature under the bottom grill was 10deg cooler than the top. I was aiming to smoke at 120deg, but the top grill was reaching 130+. The...
  13. siiren

    New Toy Drum Smoker

    I have 4 racks of ribs in the freezer ready to smoke on Saturday.....YUM!!!
  14. siiren

    New Toy Drum Smoker

    I have just finished making my UDS. Currently on the seasoning run, but had to throw in a few snapper cutlets and a few scotch filets!!!! Very easy build. Got a 44 from work, which had an internal bladder. Cut that out easily with a stanley knife. Built a fire in the drum to burn off the paint...
  15. siiren

    Bulk Buy - Vacuum Sealers...interest And Info

    Finished work, had to head down to Beerbelly to pick up my gas bottle (thanks guys, nice new aircon btw) Got home to find a fastway card in the mail box :) It was 5.30 so called the number on the card, even though it stated business hours only................wishful thinking Oh well, at least...
  16. siiren

    Bulk Buy - Vacuum Sealers...interest And Info

    Thanks for your top effort there Pok, what a great price. Much appreciated. Simon.
  17. siiren

    Bulk Buy - Vacuum Sealers...interest And Info

    I'm definitely interested
  18. siiren

    Ginger Beer Plant (non-alcoholic Softdrink)

    I haven't heard about a ginger beer plant in a while.... My grandma used to use bakers yeast.
  19. siiren

    Long Time Members Who Dont Post Much

    I'm a long time member, but can't remember the last time I posted.........a few years ago at a guess. Have just started brewing again now I have some space, have been traveling a lot and back in Adelaide now for the foreseeable future. Put down my first brew on the weekend after a heavy clean of...
  20. siiren

    Free Keg. How To Open It.

    You could use a dremmel, or similar product (some brands go for $20) and use a heavy duty cutting disc, about 3 should do. Very noisy job, so use the usual protection. Clean up with a grinding attachment. Try to get an old pot lid to use as your guide leaving enough room for the lid to seat...