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  1. Franko

    Bulk Priming With Belgian Candy Sugar

    Hey Guys, I have a belgian tripple that I wish to bottle and was thinking of bulk priming the batch with belgian candy sugar as I have 25kg of candy rocks sitty pretty in the brewhouse. Has anyone ever tried this and how were the results, and also how much sugar would be good for a 18L batch...
  2. Franko

    Gold Lancer Pacific Flooded 4 Way Fonts For Sale

    Hey Fellow AHB'ers I have the followng For Sale. 1x Gold Lancer Pacific Flooded 4 way font without adapters in Excellent Condition Price $200 Available for Pick-up located at Mount Annan NSW 2567 or organise your own courier if needed This Quality Font measures 32.5cm High and 45.5cm wide and...
  3. Franko

    Beeralchemy Grain Hops And Yeast Updates

    Hey fellow BeerAlchemy users Thought I would start a thread here with BeerAlchemy Files that I have added for us Aussies and what we have available to us from our LHBS I will try to keepp this thread uppdated as new ingredients are available *** Make a copy of your existing files: Hops.plist...
  4. Franko

    Where To Drink Beers In Hawaii

    Hey Brother brewers, I'm off to Hawaii on Wednesday the 4th November for a week of relaxation (with the wife and kids) and would like to now if there are any "must visit" micros or pubs where one can have a nice beer. Will be in Oahu staying at the Outrigger on the beach Franko
  5. Franko

    Who's Coming To Paddys This Saturday 25th July 7:30pm

    Hey fellow brewers, just would like to see who's going to paddy's on Saturday 25th July for there $2 middies. Great beer and food and a great chance to meet other AHB'ers Hope to see you there Franko
  6. Franko

    Fresh Hops Or Better Dried

    Evening Brewers, I've just harvested a heap of goldings from my hop bush and was wanting to know if I would be better off freezing them fresh or drying them out as I would like to use them as an aroma hop in an upcoming brew. Beers Franko
  7. Franko

    Ahb Polo Shirt Designs

    Hey Guys I'm going to put up some designs over the next week for the upcoming tshirt polo shirt buy. lets kick it off with the current AHB logo I've boosted the colors a little to make it pop out on a shirt a bit better. IMHO the design would look great embroided on a polo shirt if its possible.
  8. Franko

    Beer Alchemy Users

    Here is a fermentables.plist update I have made. added are Bairds Malts Barrett Burston Thomas Fawcett Malts Blue Lake and updated a few others remember back up your copy of fermentables.plist just in case enjoy Franko
  9. Franko

    Any Brewers At The Glasshouse Mountains Qld

    Hey all, just wanted to see if theres anyone at the glasshouse mountains who wants to have a beer,Im heading up on friday and will be in town till sunday Franko
  10. Franko

    Show Us Your Yeast Bank Fridge

    Hey Brewers One of our illustrius brewers asked me to start this thread - he loves my yeast fridge and wanted me to share it with you. Thanks Pumpy so here it is there's a bit of a variety now but still not filled to capacity got a few dozen more to add to the yeast bank Franko
  11. Franko

    Stainless Braided Hoses

    Hey Brewers, does anyone use these stainless braided hoses for plumbing there breweries with. I think the general name for them is "easy hookers" if so are there any probs plumbing a brewery this way beers Franko
  12. Franko

    Herms Coil

    Howdy Brewers just wanting to make my HERMS coil and would like to know how many coils are required or best suited in an urn with the capacity of around 20litres. If you have any pics that would be great Franko
  13. Franko

    Really Sweet Ginger Beer

    Evening Brewers, just kegged my first ever Ginger Beer. I used a coopers kit with 1kg raw sugar and about 125grams of brown sugar. Problem i have is that its pretty sweetly sick like artificial sweetner,it smells brilliant just wondering if theres any ideas how to knock that sweetner taste out...
  14. Franko

    Free Beer Mugs

    Just came accross this site offering a free beer mug Franko
  15. Franko

    Micromatic Regulator Seal Kit

    Evening Brewers, does anyone know where I can purchase a new seal kit for a micromatic regulator,Ive just noticed that the diaphragm seal is leaking precious Co2 Franko
  16. Franko

    Yeast Labels

    G day brewers, Thought it might be handy to post these labels I'm working on to make your yeast collections easily identifiable. size is 3inches wide x 1.75 inches high at 300dpi - should be ok to use on most yeast containers will post pic soon please let me know if you would like...
  17. Franko

    A Sunday Funny

    Check it out Franko
  18. Franko

    Sydney 2007 Ahb Crawl "the Day After"

    Well just want to say what a great night, just got home. Woke up this morning to find the cars front left tire flat as a pancake and had to change it out with this monster of a headache that I've still got now. A big cheers to the boys that turned out it was great to see you all again. Im off...
  19. Franko

    Yeast Containers (same As Whitelabs Tubes)

    Hiya all, Im looking into obtaining a box of these PET preform tubes. Would like to know if anyone is interested as It may be a bulk buy Preform Length = 142.5 mm Preform Body OD = 28.6 mm These should be nearly Identical to the ones whitelabs use for there yeast Franko
  20. Franko

    Beer Software For Pocket Pc's

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone uses a pocket pc with brewing software or knows of software that runs on one. cheers Franko