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  1. Three Sheets

    Oh the hunt for a Reschs clone so returning to the fold

    Hi All been away far too long, just punching out some tried and proven kits. Now I have reinvigorated my desire for the good old Aussie beer of my misspent youth, and happy to experiment in this quest. A cautious first attempt was a Morgans Golden Saaz, 500grams of light dry malt and 500grams of...
  2. Three Sheets

    Who else forgot to write it down?

    I use to write every thing down but became complacent when my methods produced reasonable beer. However in quick succession I've jagged three brews that are a cut above the rest and cannot repeat it. Now I've tweaked a 5 litre kit and it is sensational! Pity is I know the kit, the litres and...
  3. Three Sheets

    Wanted, Beer Counter

    My wife's birthday approaches and I thought I'd get her something dear to her heart. So I'm looking for a high quality beer counter . Should be small, and accurate. Prefer one with the exaggeration function disabled but not essential. A bonus would be it activating only when she doesn't...
  4. Three Sheets

    Australian Topaz Hops

    Hi brewers, Was thinking of doing a brew to highlight Topaz hops. My loosely contrived plan was use three kilos of malt and a hop bill as follows POR 15g @ 60 AA 9% Cluster (Au) 15g @ 30 AA 6.5% Topaz 15g @ 20 AA 16.2% Topaz 10g @ 10 Topaz...
  5. Three Sheets

    Brewmate - adjustment for specialty grains?

    I know quite a few people use the brewmate software and was wondering how the effect of steeping specialty grains is imputed into a recipe? I'd appreciate any tips. Cheers TS
  6. Three Sheets


    Tried this on tap and thought it a very tasty drop. So much so that I am hoping to find a clone recipe. It runs Simcoe and Columbus hops, but I couldn't find a recipe on the net. Anyone tried this or know of a clone???
  7. Three Sheets

    Playing with Extract

    Not one to brag, nor do I think is this worthy of a published recipe by my name , but gee its close. If you couldn't be bothered with full grain and fancied playing with extract, may I off a great start (IMHO) Put down 1.5 kg of Amber and 1.5 kg of Extra light liquid malts with 500 grams Dry...
  8. Three Sheets

    I Like Resin Flavour

    I have developed a liking for the undertones of resin in some of my beers and was wondering what it would be like to have them more pronounced. Can anyone suggest a hops or two that could provide this? More resin less fruit is what I seek. TS
  9. Three Sheets

    Fuggles EKG's last chance.

    Planning an ambler ale. 3kgs of Amber Malt and a 200g Amber grain pack and some dextrose. Figured I would use up the last of my Fuggles and East Kent Golding of which I have 50 grams each. I also have some Centennial Galaxy Green Bullet and Cascade I could add if a good suggestion is found...
  10. Three Sheets

    Blown seal?

    My Keg was pouring a massive head and settling to a flat lifeless beer. I thought it was over carbonation so bleed it off and tried again but to no avail. Thought perhaps that the "out" was blocked so put the gas down through it and noticed gas was leaking out around the post. I suspect the o...
  11. Three Sheets

    Pu Tao Che Chiew Beer

    Seen this in Bali, whist looking for a place to score some nice beers, couldn't find too much on it? Anyone tried it? Know where its made? I'm looking for some nice craft beers in Bali if anyone has any pointers.
  12. Three Sheets

    Hop Bill Help Please

    Hi people, I'm after the collective thoughts of what hops to throw at my can of Morgans Caramalt Amber Liquid malt extract 1.5 kg combined with a can of Thomas Coopers light malt extract. I figured 3 kgs of LME will make up around 22 litres. I have the following hops to choose from and this is...
  13. Three Sheets

    Australian IPA

    I'm sure this would have been raised before but has anyone experimented trying to make an IPA using extract/goo with Pride of Ringwood and Galaxy Hops? I open to all options and the addition of other types of hops. I'm an IPA fan love both English and American styles so figured there is an...