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  1. Three Sheets

    Oh the hunt for a Reschs clone so returning to the fold

    Thanks Mark, I still have some kits to get through before I get to give your suggestions a whirl. When I retire I will move to all grain and up my enthusiasm. Over the years I have knocked out some impressive Kits, and some disasters, as I forever experiment. I turned into a hop head and the 3...
  2. Three Sheets

    Oh the hunt for a Reschs clone so returning to the fold

    Hi All been away far too long, just punching out some tried and proven kits. Now I have reinvigorated my desire for the good old Aussie beer of my misspent youth, and happy to experiment in this quest. A cautious first attempt was a Morgans Golden Saaz, 500grams of light dry malt and 500grams of...
  3. Three Sheets

    Am I going to die?

    You cannot die from any home brew that is drinkable. I have tested this theory many times. In fact you cannot die from drinking beer ( serious research has gone into this, just ask my liver.)
  4. Three Sheets

    All citra beer?

    I will help you drink it. I have a all Columbus lined up to drink in about 4 weeks.
  5. Three Sheets

    White Rabbit: White Ale Recipe (first Partial Attempt)

    White Rabbit White Ale is at the opposite end of my taste spectrum. Terrible really, but that's what makes beer making so much fun. I can make what 's nice for me!
  6. Three Sheets

    Punchy American Style IPA

    Where did you get the recipe? I like the hop bill Do you have an IBU target? A lot of grain I thought.
  7. Three Sheets

    Coopers selling full kit & bits recipe packs with free postage.

    Halal stuff doesn't bother me if its is not an animal product and is actually exported. As for the animals...hmmm.. well there is a higher risk of cruelty that can creep into it, so to the Jewish practice of kosher is also a concern. Anyway, the only similarity with beer is they are all...
  8. Three Sheets

    First ginger beer ferment questions

    Hey Ces, I recently did a coopers GB and the airlock stopped and started for no apparent reason. It was in the fermenter for three weeks before I was satisfied it had finally stop. Took off quickly, stopped, ran for a few days stopped started and slowed.
  9. Three Sheets

    Who else forgot to write it down?

    Well I don't feel so bad now , knowing I am in good company. I am going to be a little more diligent in writing stuff down now, but suspect I will continue to be lax on occasion. I thought farts came from drinking HB too soon Yum? Speaking of styles Yob, I am doing a California Steam Ale (a...
  10. Three Sheets

    Who else forgot to write it down?

    I use to write every thing down but became complacent when my methods produced reasonable beer. However in quick succession I've jagged three brews that are a cut above the rest and cannot repeat it. Now I've tweaked a 5 litre kit and it is sensational! Pity is I know the kit, the litres and...
  11. Three Sheets

    The Mystery of the Self Emptying Kegs

    I lost a heap of good beer from an outlet coupling that wasn't fully engaged, this allowed a slow trickle down the keg through the fridge and over the garage floor. Its happened twice now, so I always clean check and lock on the coupling very carefully these days. Your soda water would have...
  12. Three Sheets

    American IPA Recipe Thoughts

    Agree with others, I'd drop a kilo of malt. Also love Simcoe and Galaxy. My concern here would be that the Galaxy overpowers the Simcoe and you miss a lot of this lovely hop. Using 3kg of malt and your hop bill I got an ibu of 52 and 4.8% at 23 litres. If I was going to do this I would split...
  13. Three Sheets

    James Squire Hop Thief 6 - Extract

    Hey Paulyman, I just put your hop bill into Brewmate and it came up with an IBU of 32. I'm beginning to think Brewmate might be a little out.
  14. Three Sheets

    James Squire Hop Thief 6 - Extract

    Hey Robbo, did you try Hop Thief on tap or stubby? Reason I say that is I've has some disappointing 5 and 6's when it comes to cartons, but have found the stuff on tap far superior. Not sure why the inconsistency occurs in the stubby but I've found that on a number of occasions with the JS...
  15. Three Sheets

    James Squire Hop Thief 6 - Extract

    Thanks for sharing the ideas and pics people. I've come close with this recipe, one comment was like hop thief but more hoppy. IBU @ 52 might be a bit higher than desired but I think it adds to it. I've only tried sample bottles and the keg is still a week or two away but its shaping up as a...
  16. Three Sheets

    POR with Galaxy?

    I found Galaxy dominated with late addition so bittering with POR or anything else for that matter wont be an issue. I also used Galaxy early in the boil and learnt to go easy. I just used it for bittering 10 grams at 60, and then ran with Chinook and Columbus from 20 mins.
  17. Three Sheets

    Family friendly pub that serves decent beer in Canberra.

    Tradies Club at Dixon (Good accommodation too) has a range of good beers and meals. I got stuck on James Squires Hop Thief . Also King O Mallies (?) has a nice drop and atmosphere.
  18. Three Sheets

    Australian Topaz Hops

    This proved to be someone what disappointing lacking the flavour I was hoping for. I need to be a more aggressive with the hops latter in the boil. I also think I should have dry hopped with more Topaz. Live and learn.
  19. Three Sheets

    Hop Thief 6 Clone

    Yep and heaps better, Mmmmmmmmmm
  20. Three Sheets

    Wanted, Beer Counter

    PS Must flash red after four six and eight!