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  1. ben_sa

    BIAB disaster - bag split open in the kettle mid-mash

    You will probably end up with the best beer you have ever made, and unable to ever recreate it. We have all been there in one way or another :) you will still end up with beer 👌
  2. ben_sa

    Coopers XPA

    Lookingat my freezer now... Lemondrop is 5.2%, simcoe 12.9%
  3. ben_sa

    Coopers XPA

    Oops, forgot to check back in here... In case you wanted it: This is for a single batch - I aim to fill 1 cube so final volume set at 23L based on 77% efficiency 4.7kg JW Ale/BB Ale/Marris Otter (have used all 3 and JW/BB preferred) 400g Dark Crystal 200g Wheat Mash around 65 20g Simcoe @60...
  4. ben_sa

    Coopers XPA

    Coopers XPA is a staple on tap at my place. I use Ale (tried BB/JW and MO), little wheat and some dark crystal to give it the colour. Simple hop schedule - Simcoe and Lemondrop @ 60, and again dry hopping after 5 days. Comes out stupidly close to the commercial version. I also only use Coopers...
  5. ben_sa

    100% Greenie coming out of Adelaide, come help a man out!

    Hey Cain, Welcome mate. My first step would be to remove what appears to be your home address from the side profile bar ;)
  6. ben_sa

    Hi Everyone

    IM going to have a wild guess and say Beer hopefully ;)
  7. ben_sa

    Inkbird Giveaway for Temp Controller ITC-310T-B for New Year !

    Maybe it is time to venture away from my trusty STC...…. hmmmmm
  8. ben_sa

    All grain brewey fs Adelaide

    I will flick you a message through gumtree Jazman
  9. ben_sa

    What happened to the Keg King Giveaway thread?

    @AHB_Admin in order to be transparent to all users, Can you confirm whether there is a financial kickback to @Keg King from the increase in "Forum Supporters" that you will no doubt recieve?
  10. ben_sa

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I would say definately a 5L option, and possibly a 1 or 1.5L for taking a couple to a BBQ or similar
  11. ben_sa

    What’s your bad brewing habit?

    Drinking before mash out...
  12. ben_sa

    AG & Keezer Gear for sale

    What are you thinking for the 80Ltr kettle?
  13. ben_sa

    My 3V brew build.

    Very impressive
  14. ben_sa

    All Grain - is it substantially better beer?

    I am guessing $ isn't an issue... One thing (not the #1 reason) that I love about AG brewing, is the cost. The main reason is tinkering with recipes, and making absolutely unique beers. I buy sacks of base malt for $40 delivered (here in SA we do regular bulk buys). So that is $1.60 per kg...
  15. ben_sa

    Water volume calculation

    I actually sat down and thought about it before I brewed, and realised whether you brew 5l or 50l your boil off evap rates will be the same... Bear in mind I do not ever measure pre boil volumes because I am lazy, something I intend to change asap (after 14 years of brewing haha) I wound up...
  16. ben_sa

    Water volume calculation

    Hi Folks, I'm brewing my biggest ever beer today, q west coast ipa with a grain bill of 8kg for a final volume of 23-24Litres and I am struggling with my water volumes required... I normally use the calculation of 2.5L/kg mash in 1.25L/kg mash out 2.5L/kg sparge. So a normal 6kg batch is...
  17. ben_sa

    SodaStream cylinders on Ebay in SA old "good" type valves

    Added to watch list, thanks for the heads up... Next question... is how to refill :-|
  18. ben_sa

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    PART20 is the code. Just ordered a set. Thanks Mattress :)
  19. ben_sa

    Massive brewery sale - SS Brewtech, PID, HERMS, Mash tun, kegs etc

    Ah ok mate thanks. The kettle is tempting, however the postage makes it a bit unviable. The Brewtech cooling kit looks like a bit good of gear too... GL with the rest of the sale. Cheers