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    The Local Taphouse Melbourne

    Hope this thread is not too old... was searching for a review of Chevalier Saison and only found this thread. Just enjoying a bottle of Chevalier Saison (Bridge Road Brewers, Victoria) picked up from 5th Element in South Bank Brisbane. They have an impressive beer list and a good selection of...
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    Simple Home Made Water Distiller

    A word of caution with distilled water. Once had a job as a commercial dive assistant, and one job we had was to dive in the distilled water tanks in the steel works. The BHP man told us not to drink the "pure" water as it was considered dangerous to do so as distilled water will leech out...
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    Sail & Anchor Ipa

    Might be due to turnover? Located the IPA beer engine the next day, around the other side of the bar, cricket was on, could be drinking muddy water and enjoying it no point moving. No major faults and enjoyed it more than the Brass Monkey, enjoyed repeat pints. The Blonde, a tame Belgium wheat...
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    Queensland Brewerhood Xmas In June 2008 Case Swap

    1) -Winkle - Klassic Septic Pils or UXB Belgian Ale 2) -AndrewQld - Pilsner 3) - FNQ Bunyip - TBA (What a popular style this is smile.gif ) 4) - bconnery - Beer 5) - Batz - Beer of some description 6) - NickB - Something poisonous (but not explosive) 7) - kevnlis - whatever my fermentors decide...
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    Sail & Anchor Ipa

    Had an IPA at the Sail and Anchor today, no diacetyl that my poor palate could detect. Also had a pint of the Brass Monkey Stout from the beer engine, which was a pure delight. :chug: off to the Mad Monk now.
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    Brisbane Beer Luncheon

    Thanks to Ian and Matt for putting on a great lunch, and thanks to Ross for letting us know about it (and Batz for the lift) not to mention a few starters from Ross's awesome bar. Looking forward to the next lunch. Bright Ale and mango chicken are a match made in heaven.
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    Qld Brewers Get Togethers

    Will be in the area so will pop in to say hello.
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    Belgian Beer Trip - Help

    Hi Asher, This is a post from our trip to Beligum. The Cantillon brewery which is a must see. If you can make it for the first weekend in September, the Belguim Beer Week held in the Grand Place is a must, over 20 breweries serving in correct glass, mostly from the tap. Something not to miss...
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    Qld Ahb Xmas In July Case

    This is a great idea, I'll be in.
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    Bumper Grain Harvest...

    I know how to operate that machine as long as it is working order and they don't mind a couple of trial runs (go google you're my firend ;) ) edit: hell if it's not in working order there is possibly a way to get it going (any one who works in IT will know what I'm on about)
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    Another Bulk Powells Malt Buy 4 Queenslanders

    Bat Cave :lol: :lol: :lol: errr I mean Batz Brewery.
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    Liver Problems

    Don't know if this is of much use to you Kramer, I was advised that regular (within the guidelines) blood donations helps to lower a high iron level , another body here that counts Prussia in the ancestry, wonder if there is a link? All the best with the liver.
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    Another Bulk Powells Malt Buy 4 Queenslanders

    Back from the colder climes, will be up for a visit to the Bat Cave.
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    Another Bulk Powells Malt Buy 4 Queenslanders

    This is working out well as I have to go to Smellbourne for week.
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    Aroma Of Beer

    Have to jump on the hops after flameout bandwagon. The beer I'm drinking at the moment, though it has it's faults (clarity and needs more malt for balance) has a lovely hop aroma (EKG plugs). One plug in a 23 litre brew, 5 minutes after flameout and left for 25 minutes prior to the chillers...
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    Pilsner Urquell

    Save your money and make the pilgrimage to the Czech Republic and other parts of Europe. You wont regret it, you'll love it. :beer:
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    Copper Cooling Coil

    I picked up a little pond pump from Bunnings for 7.95, fill the cleaned Keep Cold mash tun with ice and water (15 litres approx) , found it needed elevation to pump through the immersion chiller and back into it'self. Kick the ice water in at around the 30-40 mark and recirculate.
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    Homebrew Acronyms

    I know Doc, but the information is all locked up when it needs to be free, plus it freezes the browser for enough time to annoy. I love Google's view as html :) Edit: (I know it's not really locked up) but I'm only really happy with text files and databases, some people even want to place...
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    Homebrew Acronyms

    Not the only who doesn't like PDF's.