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    False Bottom For A Rectangle Esky

    Thanks matey...exactly what I was after
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    False Bottom For A Rectangle Esky

    Hi there, I am looking to upgrade my Mush Tun. Previously I used a SS braid, however I would like to get a square SS manifold to replace the braid. Does anyone have a heads up for an off the shelf manifold that would suit a 55L esky. Cheers Iggy
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    Keg Cleaning

    Yes, limit exposure though as it's chlorine based. Green Iguana
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    Big Starter Question

    Tintin, Always aim for an SG of 1040 for your starters. That means 100g of dry malt extract per 1 L water. I usually make a 1L wort + yeast, let it go to krausen then add to a 3L wort, this step up allows the yeast to attenuate properly and give a larger pitchable volume. You only need to...
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    Coopers Mexican Cerveza

    Yeasty, I have just racked the coopers mexican. I used saflager, pitched at 20C then fermented at 12 C for 12 days, raised to 18 C over the last 24 hours whilst still in the primary. I will now lager in the secondary at 2 C for 7 days. It would be preferable to lager longer, however i am...
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    Another Newbie Q Re Water

    Put simply, water chemistry characterises many of the worlds great beers. Brittish ales (Fullers) such as those from burton on trent use quite hard water (alot of minerals) whilst the Czechoslovakian pilsner urquell use soft water (less minerals). Water profiles are named after regions where...
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    Conical Options

    Wortgames, I remember reading your posts a while back, good on you for keeping with it, sounds like you've put in some hard yards. I don't think anyone here doubts you mate.. Cheers
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    Conical Options

    There was someone on this site who was fabricating SS conicals. Did that ever eventuate ? I have been looking around and the best solution I have found is the plastic conicals from Minibrew....the best price appears to be $148 US + postage from ...
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    U_brew_it Report

    I went to the new U-Brew_it store on the Gold Coast today. It's a franchise of the u-brew-it chain that has stores is brisbane and Perth I think. Basically you go in and chose the style of beer you want, they provide you with the ingredients which consist of malt extract and specialty grains...
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    Bulk Buy Hops

    Thanks Ross....
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    Bulk Buy Hops

    Ross, I cannot see any PM in my mail box...i am really just happy to go along with whatever. If I need to order a couple of kilos that is no probloem. I don't want to make things complicayed for you. My preference is for willamete up to 1kg and NZ hallertau up to 1kg. If you can accomodate this...
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    Bulk Buy Hops

    okay, no worries. I am assuming that I canm order various amounts that must add to at least 1 KG. If possible could I order 0.5kg NZ Hallertau pellets, 0.5kg Willamete pellets and 0.5kg Challenger pellets. Thanks for your efforts Ross. Cheers
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    Bulk Buy Hops

    Ross My original order of 500g styrian goldings is out, would it be possible to substitute the following instead: 250g Willamete and 250g NZ Hallertau. Cheers
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    Bulk Buy Hops

    I will buy the whole 500g if available.........
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    Bulk Buy Hops

    I'll take the styrian goldings if possible... Cheers
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    Brew Frame

    There are few different approaches to constructing a rew frame. - Weld a frame using angle or square hollow section. - Bolt together a frame using dexion or similar - Organise some steel shelving or other suitable furniture that is handy. I personally went for welding a frame of square hollow...
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    Stainless Conicals

    When can we order my good fellow... Cheers
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    Electric Hlt

    After reading various threads regarding HLT's, I would really prefer to install electric element/s into my new HLT. I was going to use the burner that I grineded out if an old barbie, however the idea of using a timer for the HLT or possibly installing a thermostat sounds like a good plan. What...
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    Crankandstein Choices

    It was me who had the 'lost mill inicident', however TWOC did send me a replacement eventually.....I would personally recomend ordering through Fred directly... Cheers
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    Big 2 Week Starter

    Sounds like it's gone into the attenuation phase after initial fermentation. Should be fine to directly pitch if you use it immediately. If not then spilt it again and add fresh wort to get it building to Krausen once more. In a perfect worl its best to pitch at high krausen, however I beleive...