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    Wit Recipe From G+g

    Just to recommend the Wit recipe from the Grain and Grape website ( I followed the recipe and used Wyeast 3942 Belgian Wheat (was half price :) ), and at 2 weeks in the bottle it is absolutely yummy. Very nice taste by itself and quite...
  2. K

    Tcb Wetpacks Vs Grumpy's Masterbrews/extrabrews Vs Esb 3kgs?

    Just wondering if people have tried those two or three brands of "deluxe kits" and may give some feedback on how they compare? I've bought a few grumpy's Masterbrews last year, and they turned out quite all right. With the grumpy's price increase from a few months ago and no more half-price...
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    Info: Malt Shovel Kits Sold At Big W

    Just FYI, I saw that there are now Malt Shovel kits sold at big W, as well as their starter pack. They are selling the oatmeal stout, 2 rows lager and Pale Ale, $14.12. Can't recall the price of their starter kit, sorry. Just mentioning it because up until now as far as I know they were only...
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    Bottle-primed: How Long?

    Sorry, may sound silly, but I have to ask: I bottled my first brew 2 weeks ago (Coopers Lager that comes with the fermenter + a brewcraft converter pack, SAFlager yeast) - but when I opened 2 PET bottles last week and one tonight, they were almost completely flat. I say almost because you could...