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    Google Talk

    This is both a blessing and a curse. It's in beta so you have to be gmail user (PM for invites though I'm sure at least a few AHB members have 100 or invites left :lol:) by creating a shortcut to the app with a nomute switch e.g. "C:\Program Files\Google\Google...
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    Xxxx In A Wooden Keg?

    Just about to shutdown and stop annoying the good folks of AHB when I recieved this in an email from my local surf club. WTF? Will have to check this out. Edit: errr... topic should read Wooden not Wodden keg :lol:
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    Correct Usage Of A Sun Box

    Apologises if this has been posted before. I work with these things, but we don't have the tap adaption on any of ours, yet. Edit: added the "have"
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    Ahb Beer Glasses - The Finalists

    Hope I'm not jumping the gun, but since most of us would have already voted on the original AHB Glasses poll thought this might be the go (anything to get a set in my hands :) )
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    Budvar And Pilsner Urquell

    On our quick tour of Europe we stopped in the Czech Republic for 5 nights. making two day trips out to see the main breweries, Budweiser Budvar in Ceske Budejovice and Plzensky Prazdroj (Pilsner Urquell) in Plzen (Pilsen). We also popped into a brewpub in Prague, however I thought most of the...
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    Cantillon Brewery

    Have just returned from Europe, and have a few photos that maybe of interest, and hopefully may inspire others to make the pilgrimage. First up are a few snaps from Cantillon. I'll add a bit of info to the pics as I unpack (returned home to find that our unit had been broken into and used as a...
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    Popped in to Brewerkz in Singapore, this is a micro run by a Canadian expat. We weren't in Singapore for long so missed the brewer who we were advised is very friendly and doesn't mind a chat and would be there the next morning, however we flew out the next day at 5am. I really enjoyed the...
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    Scooping a beginner's guide Not sure if the above site is the authority or not but Scooping appeals on many levels and in everyway. Moved this from the Gbbf Top 10 thread. Anyone engaged in this activity? In an informal way I'm sure many of us always head for the new beer.
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    Tears In The Brew

    Football is very entertaining, but it can only ever be a filler for the true game. What's happening? Somerset, England in the 20/20 toy version, now Bangladesh (who played well and deserved to win :ph34r: ). Was hoping to brew today, we were so excited about wearing our Australian cricket...
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    Sunshine Coast Brewery

    Was passing the Sunshine Coast Brewery today and this time it was open, sort of. Spoke with Jim Robinson the brewer about having a little tour, which he kindly accepted. I didn't want to hold Jim up as he really wasn't open but picked up a sample selection for tasting later tonight. He did seem...
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    I know this is not beer, but thought others should be warned. Saw a bottle of Absinth at the bottlo last night and couldn't resist. It is a Czech drink and the alcohol is either 60% or 70% (obj?) depending on whether you peel the sticker back or not. It tastes nice, but is simply a strong drink...
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    Sunshine Coast Brew Club

    Seems there are a handfull of brewers on the Sunshine Coast (or slated to arrive) and AHB. I know of a couple local homebrewers, but not of any club. I only went to one meeting of the Northside Club in Sydney and found it invaluable with feed back, tasting great beers, and wide and very...
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    Mig Welders

    I'm looking at getting a mig welder and was wondering what the thoughts of the expericenced metal workers are. So was wondering if this is much good mig welder on ebay Not really considering this welder but would love to hear input on this sort of thing. Looking to use one it to build a brew...
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    English Beer In Queensland

    Just came back from a few bevies at the Pig and Whistle in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast QLD. This place bills itself as a "Traditional English Pub". Having never been to England I'll have to take their word on that. Here you can get a number of English ales served at lager temp with nitrogen...
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    QLD AHB Xmas Case 2005

    I'd be willing to put something down for a Queensland Xmas case any takers?
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    double Drop System

    source: Brakspear Brewery Tried a variation of this with a Dunkelweizen that was brewed yesterday. "dropped" into another fermenter first thing this morning, just had to replace with the airlock with a blow off tube, fermenting at 20C. Found this from the Hobgoblin poster website. Yeasties...
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    Czech Saaz In Ale

    Any thoughts on using Czech Saaz in an ale? I have a lot of this hop at the moment and have been using them for wheat beers. Was wondering if I could use them in a pale ale, along the lines of a hoppy APA. Don't care if it's not to style, more interested in making a beer that can have a lot of...
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    Breakfast Beer

    Doc suggested a breakfast beer topic so here we go. Here's me effort. Haven't tried it for breakfast..... yet :lol: Recipe: Breakfast Beer Recipe Specifics ---------------- Batch Size (L): 25.00 Wort Size (L): 25.00 Total Grain (Kg): 6.10 Brewhouse Efficiency...
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    Slow Wit Ferment

    I have a belgium wit in the fermenter which started at OG of 1052 and after 10 days ferment is only down to 1023, it is still bubbling away and has a good yeast coverage on top. It is brewing at 20C. I'm using White Lab 400 Beligium Wit yeast. Is this normal? I was concerned that the wort wasn't...
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    Medieval Ale Anyone Ever Tried To Make One?

    Made up a very small medieval style ale. Has anyone tried this before? Following what I had read, I collected some run off from a brown ale I was doing before the boil. Added crushed cardamon pods, cumin, corriander, clove to the unboiled wort. Fermenting with a mix of WLP001, WLP400 and WLP023...