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    Pilsner No Fermentation

    Hi all tried a pilsener on Friday really happy with process but pitched yeast WLP800 2 packs expiry Late July 2020.I should of made a starter! Anyway nothing in airlock sitting at 11c when pitched and controlled, oxygenated today as i forgot initially I used my oxy wand that I finally got to...
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    Advice for 1st recipe please

    This is my first recipe for all grain and using Brewfather any advise is appreciated please. https://share.brewfather.app/H8MzO5wPgs2sXS
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    Tap Holes Keezer

    Hi everyone what size do the holes on the collar at the front of the keezer have to be for perlick 650ss taps and the nuka taps please. and is the spacing 4 1/2 inches apart sufficient?
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    Starting a yeast bank

    Hi i have ordered some yeasts white labs brand and want to start a yeast bank with them what is the best process with this please is there any guides around at all ? Thanks
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    Pressure Cooker

    Hi all I am looking for a pressure cooker to sterilise vial for yeast cultivating, and from what im reading in needs to get to 15psi, anyone recommend a cheap pressure cooker or alternative autoclaves are too expensive.
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    Fermenter to Keg Carbonation Query

    Hi everyone, when transferring beer to the keg does the keg have to be primes with sugar for carbonation as does bottles? or is it just a matter of hooking up C02 and waiting 10 -14 days for it to occur? Does the type of beer change anything? Thankyou in advance. :)
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    Recommend Drill for Grain Mill

    Hi Can anyone recommend a Drill suitable for the 3 roller grain mill please?
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    Croydon Vic 3136 Water

    Hi does anyone know how water fares in this area for AG brewing?
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    Brewtools B40 Advice and reviews

    Hi Just looking to create a thread on people who have or are getting these devices and info on what extras to get and set-up information. https://www.newerabrewing.com.au/brewtools-b40-pro-brewing-system/
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    Lucky Last

    1 x New 10L Stainless Steel Hot Water Urn 1600W w Auto Shut-Off $40 1 x Reptile Temperature controller Heat PID AC-213 $20 1 x 16 OZ Bottle Starsan $14 1 x 2kg Tub of PBW $25 Sell as a whole please $90
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    Selling Items all Brand New

    I was about to get into homebrewing but have had to cancel everything due to family circumstances. Even cancelled my invoice for my BM 50 and 62 Litre Chronical thankfully the good ausssie companies gave me a refund due to my situation which I really appreciated. So I have the following items...
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    Wanted 300Litre Chest Freezer

    Hi I am after a Chest freezer 280 to 300Litres one with stc1000 fitted would be good. Live in Croydon Melbourne. Turning this into Keezer. Thanks. Wayne.
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    Keezer setup Gear

    I am going to start the keezer build over Xmas with my dad. I am getting a chest freezer which will fit 6 kegs. I will attach a collar so I'm not drilling into the freezer itself. I want to have 4 taps on the front. 3 normal taps and 1 for stouts/Milds/ales Okay so I was looking at 3 x...
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    Grain Mill & Hopper wanted

    Hi I am after a grain Mill and hopper anyone know where I can get one please that's good quality and adjustable? Thanks.
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    Upright Fridge or Freezer?

    Hi I am looking at a upright Freezer or Fridge to ferment in. Which is better a fridge or Freezer? Is there anything to avoid when buying one to use for this purpose that I should be mindful of? I am only using this to ferment not as a keezer. Thanks Wayne.
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    Kegs 23LTR any good?

    Hi all I have seen these kegs for sale does anyone have any? Or know much about them compared to 19 Ltr cornies. Thanks http://www.cheekypeakbrewery.com.au/index.php/kegging-dispensing-accessories/kegs-new-second-hand?route=product/product&path=58&product_id=475
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    Looking at buying this freezer to convert to Keezer

    Hi all just looking at building my keezer first, does anyone have one of these? 1. Is 300ltr a good size for 6 kegs plus maybe some other items like cold fermenting vessel. Any advice is appreciated. Unfortunately they only have 1 picture on eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/131174590345...
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    New Gear Need Some Advice Please

    Hi all joined the forums not long ago and am getting into AG brewing, I have brewed before albeit 20 years ago so I'm tipping a lot has changed! I used to brew with the syrup cans and will not go that way again. I am looking at setting myself up properly with nice quality gear and have been...
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    Any brew clubs in East Melbourne near Yarra Valley

    Hi I'm looking at getting into full mash brewing and was wondering if anyone in east Melbourne near Yarra Valley has a Club or if anyone brews like this that I could learn from? Regards Wayne.