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    Can Conditioning.

    Has anyone tried can conditioning instead of bottle conditioning? If so, how did it go, is there a specific beer level you targeted, as in, how much head space do you leave in the can? Thanks Daz
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    Propylene Glycol from Vape Stores

    Hi, I was just wondering if there would be any issue with using Glycol sold in vape stores? it's 99.7% food grade. I live in Newcastle and it's a lot cheaper to buy a 5Ltr of Glycol from the local vape store than it is to get it shipped up from Melbourne. I cannot see it being an issue, but...
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    Grafton 2020

    Hi all, I received a Christmas Card from the Grafton Beer Comp crew, on it was the dates listed for this year's comp. I'm sure the organisers will post more specifics later. Thanks.
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    For Sale - Icemaster G40 Newcastle

    One icemaster G40 to sell in Newcastle. Pick up only. $100 ONO For some reason the glycol solution would ice up at -3c so could only get it down to -2c, which was still plenty cold enough to keep 2 x 40 ltr Brite tanks at 3'c and cold crash a fermenter down to 1.5-2'c Maybe it needs gassing...
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    Dry Hop, Hop Creep, and D-Rest

    I have a few questions/theories regarding the above and would appreciate any insight. With dry hopping, the general consensus was to dry Hop with 2-3 Plato left so that the yeast would devour any oxygen that was introduced. But, now with hop creep, is that necessary? As in, if the dry hopping...
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    Hi, could someone please let me know approx dates for NSW based beer comps. Have recently moved to Newcastle and would very much like to start entering comps and obtaining experience and feedback. Thanks
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    Carbonation Stone.

    Hi guys, I know that you have to find the wetting pressure of your stone, as in the amount of psi needed before the carbonation stone will create it's mist of bubbles, and for every 28 inches of beer height in the tank above the stone you add 1 psi, and add this figure to the psi you are...
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    Tinseth hop calculations and whirlpool

    Hi, if you are having a 10 min whirlpool hop addition, would you in theory add 10 mins to each hop additions utilisation (Tinseth formula), as effectively the hops are in contact with wort for an extra 10 mins before cooling? Eg, the 60 min addition adds 70 mins worth of ibu's with the 10 min...
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    Darwin water profile

    Hi, I'm moving to Darwin in a couple of weeks and have been scouring the net looking for latest water report, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Daz
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    Fermenter Fan

    Hi, I have done a search, but nothing definitive has come up. I have purchased a 240v hydroponic fan for my upright freezer converted to fermentation chamber, controlled by stc-1000. Do I have the fan on at all times?, or just have it switch on when the freezer switches on? The fan has over...