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  1. Vini2ton

    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    As an older person, my main concern for my own self is to catch it, recover, and be left with affected cardio/pulmonary issues. Pulmonary Fibrosis is real bummer. My mother suffered from it. Strokes appear to be another issue with it. Of course as they say, never under-estimate the stupidity of...
  2. Vini2ton

    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    So screening people with thermometers is a waste of time because people with no elevated temperature or other flu-like symptoms could potentially be spreading the virus? Is that how it is? I just last week heard of agricultural labour travelling to and from work sites, all in the same...
  3. Vini2ton

    Obligatory New Brewer Post

    Nothing wrong with those new world lites. I've had a crack at alot of them with flaked corn/rice, all sorts of malts and yeasts. Made well they're wonderful beers. The brewing history of the US is a good read and I do love an ice cold Bud or Miller.
  4. Vini2ton

    At last, a hobby that saves money!

    Brewing your own saves a huge amount of cash. I just use cheap gear BIAB and I've have saved a poltice of money of which I use in my book-makers benevolent fund. What was a game-changer in the moola saving was giving up the gaspers years ago. Just saying gaspers makes me long for the pass-port...
  5. Vini2ton

    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    So if someone is asymtomatic, do they have an elevated temperature? And as brewers we know some of these thermometers just have got to be dodgy. It truly is the new-age, (apologies to any hippies on the site). I'm in Victoria so I think I'll start panic-brewing again.
  6. Vini2ton

    Newbie looking to learn the Belgian ropes

    Brewing and cooking are so similar in the way that you learn a simple recipe that can then advance to a myriad of things. Start with a basic brew, pay attention to detail, then expand once you are confident of your abilities. Only recently did I have a fair dinkum crack at a belgian blonde and...
  7. Vini2ton

    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    I think MaggieO is in the US. I could be wrong.
  8. Vini2ton

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome Nada. So what are you thinking of brewing? Kombucha? Millet stuff? I have a friend who won't partake in any alcoholic beverages because they say it is not worth it.
  9. Vini2ton

    Conditioning in bottle

    If the bottled beer is kept at a reasonable temperature for 3 weeks, and is not carbonated, something is not right. Check your seals. Give them some fish. Probably using those fn PET ones are you?
  10. Vini2ton

    Pilsner No Fermentation

    Always keep a supply of dry yeast for any possible no-show of activity. It will probably never happen again. I've never had it occur but I always make starters with liquid strains. Remember, it's meant to be fun.
  11. Vini2ton

    Pilsner No Fermentation

    You've got me interested. What is the wrong lesson to be learnt. I'd like to add it to the millions I've learnt in my life already. He he he.
  12. Vini2ton

    Pilsner No Fermentation

    After this amount of time you'd expect some action wouldn't you? I think I'd get two 34/70 sachets and either rehydrate or sprinkle. If it goes on much longer without the right stuff happening then the wrong stuff can take over. You wouldn't want to have to re-boil it would you.
  13. Vini2ton

    Coopers Stout – 23L

    Looks like you've nailed it mate.
  14. Vini2ton

    Help with accidental extra bitterness

    Plans are made to be changed. As said, you can't tell what the taste will be post fermentation. All the computer predictions and programs are never going to replace our taste-buds. It never ceases to amaze me how different things can be along the process. Colour for instance.
  15. Vini2ton

    hi all

    The glass one is for vino, bella, bella!
  16. Vini2ton

    Advice: How to use my Hallertau?

    Dry hop after fermentation has settled down. Plenty of lagers are dry-hopped. See how it goes with maybe 15gms at first. You'll read alot of stuff about this and that. Everyone's an expert. Experience is the best teacher in my expert opinion.
  17. Vini2ton

    Experiment Brew

    Steeped caramalt of some kind. Maybe 100 gms in a 10 lt brew. Just like making a cup of tea. Let it steep for 1/2 an hour, strain and add. Look into mini-mash.
  18. Vini2ton

    Experiment Brew

    That malto-dextrine is sweet sickly unfermentable crap. Steer clear of it. The only body it adds is to ya guts mate. Read about it. Malted grain is cheap. Look into BIAB.
  19. Vini2ton

    Coopers malts

    Thanks mate, I'll check it out.
  20. Vini2ton

    Hydrometer sitting at 1020

    1.020 isn't the best result. If you're handy to the Brewshop, I'd get some more yeast and chuck it in. Saison yeast would spank it good and proper. That's if you like dry beer with a different taste. Give it a try, you've got nothing to lose.