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    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Saturday 25 February in Brisbane. I don't know if it's the same everywhere else.
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    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    The had someone on the TV earlier in the week saying that they had 'load tested the site to 150%' and there were no issues. I still can't connect and it says try again in 15 minutes. I wonder if the 'code 9' error I get is copyrighted by the abs. Just checked online news and it's all over that...
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    A fine mess you made of this Malcolm.

    They had to stop counting so that they can be more secure and make sure they have all the ballot boxes locked away. After the wonderful time they had when they 'lost' some ballot boxes for WA they followed recommendations to secure ballot boxes. I think they have to check to make sure that the...
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    Cheap, easy DIY bottle sanitiser

    You'd be pouring foam only after a couple of bottles and the foam takes ages to go through a funnel. Still, it's nice and simple.
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    Mead container colour - what is the best

    It should be O.K. in clear bottles but I only use dark bottles. Mainly because that's all I have.
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    Non-alcoholic Ginger Beer Q's

    If you are going to carbonate it yourself, then why don't you just make ginger cordial yourself ? If you do that you can also make it to the strength that you like. I make it using the following - 500g fresh ginger, 1 kg raw sugar, 1 tablespoon of citric acid and 1.5 liters boiling water. I use...
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    Sn9 Yeast

    From http://www.vintnersharvest.com/loadasset.p...easts+Guide.pdf This strain is fermentation friendly in that it produces zero foam, starts fermenting rapidly so avoids potential bacterial contamination and can be used to re-start stuck fermentations Sounds normal from the description given.
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    Altenmunster Beer In 2 Litre Swing Top

    I think I saw it a couple of weeks ago in first choice when it was on special. I can't remember what the cost was. I think it was up at the Mango Hill first choice as well.
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    Honey Varieties

    1. Yes - Macadamia Nut, Golden Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom. This year made Blue Gum, Blood Wood and Iron Bark. 2. Yes - CCO Mead (Cupboard Clean Out) A mix of about 6 types of honey. 3. Yes, but my wife didn't want me to tell. Macadamia Nut (5 years in bottle), Golden honeysuckle (4 years in...
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    Saf S33 Wtf?

    According to the yeast specifications (http://www.fermentis.com/fo/pdf/HB/EN/Safbrew_S-33_HB.pdf) it should be fine for bottle conditioning.
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    Base Cordial Recipe

    I don't think it's fermented at all. Teatowel/pot lid are to stop other things falling in. I suppose you could you a sealed container but that would have to be opened for stirring twice daily.
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    Biblical Scale Disaster

    To my knowledge, not at the moment. It's mainly areas around the Brisbane & Bremer rivers. I haven't heard much about the Logan river tho. http://www.abc.net.au/news/documents/scrib...pbatzqr5xgrx90n has a list of flooded streets. This will probably change as the day progresses.
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    Biblical Scale Disaster

    Hope the guys in Ipswich area have kept dry overnight. Power to be shutoff to Brisbane CBD around 08:30 in the morning. Actually have blue sky and sunlight here at the moment. Very strange, but I'm not going into the city today (probably the rest of the week). Hope everyone keeps safe and...
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    Beerloversguide.com.au - Competition

    From the blurb it looks like a great read. History. tasting tips, styles just about everything you could ask for.
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    Wanted - Simple Kit-based Lager For A Xxxx Fan

    Checked on a couple of LHBS sites to see if there were any clone style brews and found this. XXXX Bitter * Morgan's Queenslander Bitter * 1kg Dextrose * 12g Cluster Finishing Hops * (FIN.S.G. = 1.010) No reference to yeast so I would assume that it would be the kit yeast (514...
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    Kettle Evaporation -

    Simple experiments but it shows the point quite well. This is my take on it. The first example simply shows what should be known by common sense, that the more vigorous boil drives of more liquid. This could be due to the surface tension of the liquid being broken more often allow more vapor to...
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    Totally Ridiculous Hop Situation

    Thought about doing a hop stocktake recently. That thought went away when I noticed that there were quite a lot of partially used bags. Only 4 unopened tho. I'll have to do a proper stocktake at some point however. Probably after I finish using up the dry yeast that's in the fridge. That's...
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    Anyone Have No Chill Cubes With The Bung Drilled Out? Trouble Sealing?

    I got an undrilled 20 litre cube from supacheep a couple of years ago. The drilled cube as no leaking issues either. I've got a tap on one of my cubes. I haven't had any issues with it. If it's properly screwed in then it shouldn't pop out. I imagine you would have to knock it or step on it to...
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    A total flop to your taste. The taste isn't what you expected it to be ? I notice you did mention that the malt was a little old. From your test file "Vienna upped to 3.00Kg to allow for age degradation." How old was it ? Perhaps the older malt may be where it issue is ? You also subbed the...
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    Cider This Weekend

    4766 yeast is a cider yeast. I've made all juice ciders and found S05 stripped to much out of it. S04 appeared to do a better job in leaving some flavour and aroma in there.