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  1. Garagebrew

    Sweet taste - low carbonation

    Any chance that your bottles got too cold early in conditioning and put the yeast to sleep? If so then a bit more time at a stable temp and maybe a bit of a swirl to help agitate the yeast might help, any agitation might mean that you have to wait for the yeast to re settle but it’s worth the...
  2. Garagebrew

    Coopers Best Extra Stout - Stuck Fermentation or Complete?

    As Mark said Mash temp is probably your issue, I once had a similar stout finish at around 1.020 after a 3 week ferment using coopers yeast and it turned out great. I had been blaming the yeast thinking it had stalled but later realised that my mash temp sensor was reading low meaning that mid...
  3. Garagebrew

    Smoked lamb ribs with homemade bbq sauce

    Mate those look spot on, definitely adding that to the list. Any tips on making a good BBQ sauce? Been meaning to give it a go but haven't gotten around to it yet. Cheers, James.
  4. Garagebrew

    Unusual flavour in VB/MB/Carlton?

    I always seem to get a bready sort of aftertaste with these beers. I'll drink them if they're free but I wouldn't buy a slab.
  5. Garagebrew

    Coopers PA in cans.

    Ive been enjoying them, and the cans are a little easier on the recycling too. they also double stack in the fridge.
  6. Garagebrew

    The moment I knew I needed a brew fridge!

    Does your inkbird have power outlets on it? If so id be plugging the fridge into that with the probe strapped to the fermenter and set your temp through that. Im not sure how the Inkbird is set up as i use different controllers but thats how I run my fermenting fridge. Also make sure that you...
  7. Garagebrew

    PSA. Inkbird instant read thermometer

    A hot glue gun! This makes you a genuine craftsman. Good tip with the glue to stop it reoccurring. I might have to do the same with a baby monitor that's had a few similar issues.
  8. Garagebrew

    How to keep fridge cold when it's sunny and hot?

    Is your kegorator a keg king or keg land unit? If so the condenser is on the right hand side of the fridge when standing in front of it, if you can keep this side out of direct sunlight that should help it to run more effectively, also make sure the condenser is open to air flow or it will...
  9. Garagebrew

    Do you have to age Coopers Lager?

    2 weeks minimum, 2 months even better. Coopers lager was my go to kit before all grain and I always found that it was worth the wait. Its hard to stop yourself getting into the first brew immediately but I'd recommend that you set aside at least a 6 pack somewhere dark and safe from extreme...
  10. Garagebrew

    Latest health fad/wankfest?

    Great to see that they're looking after those who dont have enough yeast in their lives! Theres an another new product that makes me laugh, remember when ppl used to say about Maccas and Hungry Jacks ''You know that's not real cheese'' and now Hungry Jacks have a vegan cheese burger. Who would...
  11. Garagebrew

    Think I've gone and got my first infection

    Make sure your lid is on tight, any gases are always gonna take the easiest path so even a slight leak past the seal can prevent your air lock bubbling.
  12. Garagebrew

    Why are Aussie lagers called "bitters"?

    Haha I remember as an apprentice being told to “liaise with the service manager” My thoughts were “You want me to do what with the service manager?!?”
  13. Garagebrew

    Newbie question Do you need dextrose

    No dextrose needed mate, the mash process extracts the sugars from the grain, I guess you could add some dextrose if you don’t achieve the original gravity reading your chasing but aside from that the only sugar you need is for bottle priming if bottling your beer. Just be careful not to...
  14. Garagebrew

    Any Other Hobbies?

    I love my BBQ's. The Acorn, charcoal kettle and Pro Q Bullet. This reminds me I feel like I'm about due to make more Jerky.. Aside from this I love music mostly sticking to rock, metal and a lot of the 90's grunge stuff, currently getting my 11 month old right into the Foo Fighters. And cars...
  15. Garagebrew

    Probably should not be here!

    The main reason I know of for agitating the fermenter is if your temps have fallen to the point where the yeast needs a kick to help reactivate it but if your maintaining correct fermenting temps anyway then I dont see a reason for it. I generally keep fermenter movement to a minimum to aim for...
  16. Garagebrew

    Poor Attenuation

    I had the same issue with my first few beers, I got some great flavours but a lot of unfermentable sugars so the FG was staying high even though fermentation was complete. I lowered my mash temp from 68C to 65C which solved the issue and had my later beers FG reaching 1.010 or there abouts. This...
  17. Garagebrew

    Melbourne grain bulk buy? EOI

    Come on man, first rule of fight club?!
  18. Garagebrew

    Kits and Fruit Juice

    I agree hops and yeast selection are the way to go, I never really played around with them until I moved onto extract and then all grain beers and then you have all the malt varieties to choose from as well. Still doesn't hurt to try other things too though, my advice would be to start with...
  19. Garagebrew

    Kits and Fruit Juice

    I made a Coopers Canadian Blonde once or twice with a can of passion fruit pulp added. I simmered it in a small pot of water for about 10 min before tipping it into the fermenter through a sieve, turned out pretty well and I had a lot of mates asking me to make it again, personally I got a bit...
  20. Garagebrew

    Hops Rhizomes & Crowns for sale - Melb NE suburbs

    As much as your profile pic scares me you've twisted my arm. PM sent.