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  1. djackal

    Hot Liquor Tank with no tap

    Hi guys, I recently purchased the majority of a new brewing setup, a 100L kettle and high pressure gas burner, a 55L converted Esky (with plastic manifold and tap), and a march pump that is used to circulate the liquid in the kettle. I don't have a HLT to heat the sparge water but was going to...
  2. djackal

    Kegerator X vs 4 vs other models

    Hi all, I'm looking to offload my keezer and replace it with a Kegerator. Something I can have near the kitchen rather than in the garage! I see there are a few models out there. Any suggestions on which one is the most reliable. Doesn't need to fit 4 kegs. Would like 2 or 3 taps of decent...
  3. djackal

    rent or buy gas bottle

    Hi guys, I'm looking to setup my keezer and need to get some gas into it. Any advice on a) Do I just get food grade CO2 or do I need beermix (I mainly use to push beer out of kegs, may or may not force carbonate) b) Should I buy a bottle off a retailer or get a bottle off BOC? I hope to have...
  4. djackal

    Fermenter options

    Hi guys, I see that there are a whole range of new fermenters available on line and stainless options have come down considerably. My current 50L plastic fermenter is not holding pressure so I'm thinking of decommissioning it and buying a new one (or two). I've been going through the various...
  5. djackal

    Pin lock fittings

    Hi all, I recently bought a couple pin lock kegs off Gumtree and some disconnects off kegland. Today I tried to hook these up but the disconnects seem to be too 'deep' for the kegs. They don't sit securely and they don't lock down to allow the transfer of gas or liquid. I've read that there are...
  6. djackal

    Make an offer - random clearout

    Hi all, I've moved interstate and been ordered to get rid of my remaining property from my mum's place. I have a box full of random interesting stuff that someone on hear may want. The box includes (but not limited to): 2 beer fonts (one pretty good one and one that's more basic) A beer tap...
  7. djackal

    Gear for sale - Perth

    Posted 05 January 2013 - 02:29 PM Hi AHB members, some of you may remember that I had a fire sale of brewing gear around Xmas last year. Well, I'm back in Perth for the week after the AFL grand final (Sep 26 - Oct 7)and hoping to sell the rest of my gear. I'm not 100% sure what remains however...
  8. djackal

    Entire Brewery And Draft Set-up For Sale - Perth

    Hi forum members, Although I'm reluctant to do so, I have decided to sell my entire brew set up warts and all as it has been sitting in moth balls for 12 months as I now live interstate. I am in Perth for two weeks and as I'm not sure about demand or prices for individual items/entire systems...
  9. djackal

    Beer Ready Quick

    Hi guys, Any good ideas or styles of beer that will allow me to brew on Saturday to be ready to drink by May 9? I've got a filter that i can use and a few kegs, fermentors and a racking cane but all my other beers didn't taste any good until a month or two when they 'turned' in yummy amber...
  10. djackal

    Help Beer-filter Mk2 Help!

    Hi guys, I need help quickly as I am about to lose a brew. I'm trying to use this stoopid beer filer that i bought and the beer aint flowing (using gravity and not pump). What is going wrong? Also beer is leaking out of the bottome and I'm not sure why (It's full of beer so I can't check)...
  11. djackal

    Secret To 'crystal Clear' Bottled Beer

    Hi Guys, Is there any possible way to bottle beer and leave no sediment (i.e. rather than adding sugar or the like to the bottle when bottling can we get the beer fizzy some other way?) My mates all like clear lagers and so I'm brewing some czech pilsner (double batch). I'm keeging the...
  12. djackal

    Jackals Bar

    Hi guys, Thought I should put some pics up of my new set-up that has been slowly coming together over the last few months. Many thanks for all the systems that have been posted on this forum that have been used for inspiration and ideas. The bar still needs some cosmetic touches (such as a...
  13. djackal

    Help Wanted..creative Chilling Solution

    Topic here Reduced 90% 3072 x 2304 (1.04MB) Hi all, I want to make the best possible Cooling system for my AG rig with the gear that I currently own (unless it's not enough). As you can see in my photo I have an Immersion chiller and Jocker Box and the original MAshmaster Chillout. I...
  14. djackal

    Help Wanted..creative Chilling Solution

    Hi all, I want to make the best possible Cooling system for my AG rig with the gear that I currently own (unless it's not enough). As you can see in my photo I have an Immersion chiller and Jocker Box and the original MAshmaster Chillout. I also own a multitude of hoses (beer lines, garden...
  15. djackal

    Frozen Dry Yeast

    Hi guys, I found my packets of dry Yeast in the freezer after someone had moved them from the fridge. Will the Yeast be Ok to use still? Cheers CArl
  16. djackal

    Mashmaster Chillout 1

    I've forgoten which way to hose up the mashmaster chillout (mk 1). Anyone got this info on hand? Cheers Carl
  17. djackal

    Diluting The Wort

    Hi Guys, For my latest brewing adventure Iwas thinking of making a midstrength beer similar to one I saw on the recipe page (Lite Pale Ale). I want to do a double batch and was thinking, what would be the outcome if I brew 35l of wort and then split into 2 fermenters, one with 20l wort & 5l tap...
  18. djackal

    Rejigged System Based On Joe Polvino - Now Chilling Options

    Hi, I've just spent the morning simplifying my AG rig. Gone is the complex array of silicon pipes and SS parts that I feel created flow problems and potential cleaning issues. Instead my pump is now mounted on an old sideboard with a hose coming in with disconnect to change from Kettle to Mash...
  19. djackal

    Maturing Beer

    Just have to share this with all. Just got home from work and have cracked a bottle (500ml) of my 2nd all grain brew (a Hoegaarden clone (wit bier). I had tried one about 3 weeks ago and was pissed off...too bitter and full bodied, almost undrinkable..i felt over hopped, too many spices added...
  20. djackal

    Beer Line Gas Line ?

    Hi, I have just got a 4 way gas manifold from morebeer in the states and am finding it nigh on impossible to get my gas line over the large barbs. I have quite thin line that I am trying to use for this (that fits over the barb for the regulator and gas out ball lock type fitting). I also have...