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  1. altone

    Mondial floor standing wine bottle corker

    Ok, got this on evilbay but if anyone wants it just msg. me there with an offer and say you're from here. or if you can't do that - msg an offer and I'll end the auction - same thing. No need to pay the "buy it now" price. ;) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/302882804548 I'll be forcibly selling...
  2. altone

    Guten Morgen maple bacon coffee porter - help please

    Ok, so I've just got myself a little guten to make brewing a tad easier. First batches will be my usual American pale type mixtures to help dial in the gear. But then I want to try something a bit more challenging, so I thought I'd go with the name and make Guten Morgen which is good...
  3. altone

    Return of the lost

    Not sure where to put this, but after 2 years 3 international relocations, a number of deaths of loved ones and health scares for myself and family, I'm back. Much of my gear is gone so I'll be doing small BIAB batches in an old urn with a homemade malt pipe. I took a trip up to Grain and Grape...
  4. altone

    Boddies Best

    Ok, here's my current version of the original Boddies - not the canned garbage. All input welcome. BeerSmith 2 Recipe Printout - http://www.beersmith.com Recipe: Boddies Best Brewer: Tamarisk Brewery Asst Brewer: Style: Special/Best/Premium Bitter TYPE: All Grain Taste: (30.0) Based on...
  5. altone

    EOI Brew Wash Powder

    Apologies if this is in the wrong area or doesn't abide by the rules from my understanding it should be ok. Ok, I'm doing this anyway but I don't have a need for some 32Kg of Brew Wash so wondering if others might be interested. I'm based in the E SE suburbs of Melbourne and making up a very...
  6. altone

    Belgian Red help

    Ok. first things first - I've never made a Belgian beer before so forgive me if I'm way off the mark. I'm looking at something akin to Leffe Radieuse - not a clone by any means. Let me know where I'm stuffing up and any alternatives you suggest, I will stick with the WY 3724 and the candi...
  7. altone

    I've created a monster - How did this happen?

    Ok. I've been using up lot's of bits and pieces up recently to get rid of them and I decided to make a sort of American Pale Here's what i used aiming to get a Corny keg full of beer. 2.50 kg Pilsner (2 Row) UK (2.0 EBC) 1.25 kg Pale Malt (2 Row) US (3.9 EBC) 0.25 kg Munich II (23.0...
  8. altone

    Titanium brew gear

    Ok,, I know this might sound a bit weird but any metallurgy experts out there.. I have a medical grade titanium rack to keep a biab bag away from the heating elements. My wife had it made specially by some guy at the medical company she works for - so I have to use it. I'm thinking it should...
  9. altone

    I need help! (as if you didn't know) How to improve grassroots

    Ok so a year or so ago we moved to a new "big house on small block" Before it was the other way round. The wife says this place is much better. So I can't argue. I used to have room for a nice brew setup but now I've got about 1 square metre. The double garage is small and full so no room for...
  10. altone

    Recovering out of date yeast

    Ok, so lets start with an explanation: We moved house about 18 months ago, I lost my mancave and room for my allgrain setup. I've been doing basic kits and bits brewing since then. All of my special yeasts and frozen samples were dumped into a plastic box and put in storage. I'm finally...
  11. altone

    Using A Cube With A 'breather Cap" As Secondary Ferm.

    I only have 3 fermenters and all are chugging along ATM but I have an ESB in a nochill waiting to be brewed and the yeast starter for it is almost ready to go. Just wondering if anyone has used a cube with a "breather cap" similar to those used on brewshield bottles for a secondary ferment. I...
  12. altone

    Crankandstein Postage Share?

    Looking at getting a Crankandstein 2S basic mill, they can ship up to 3 for not much more than a single - anyone want to share postage with me? Esp if you're in Melbourne SE subs, I could deliver it for no extra cost.
  13. altone

    Tasting Notes On Commercial Brews ?

    Ok, I've tried searching to no great avail, so please someone point me in the right direction. I'd like to check out some tasting notes on commercial beers - to see if I can identify some of the features more experienced judges/tasters find. ATM beer is a bit like art - I know what I like and...
  14. altone

    Beer Mats - Coasters

    Just wondering if there would be much interest in beermats (coasters) with the AHB logo on them. We're talking the traditional pressed paper/card type here - not those cork backed glossy numbers that cost like $15 each. These would be quite inexpensive. Thirsty's in the UK do them at a...
  15. altone

    Maris Otter 2 Row - Available Here Or Close Substitute

    I've been looking at a couple of UK recipes that use Maris otter 2 row as their base. Can't seem to obtain it from the usual suspects. Is it available in Aus? if so from whom. Otherwise is their a close substitute readily available?
  16. altone

    Porter/stout With Choc And Licorice

    Thought I ought to try a darker beer for a change, so a porter/stout is in order. There are some excellent choc porter recipes here, but would like to also have a licorice flavour to the beer, probably only because I'm used to that from the UK. Anyone point me to a nice starting recipe -...
  17. altone

    Erlenmeyer Flask Question

    Just a quickie for someone who knows about these things. Does anyone know the differences between Heinz Herenz and Schott brand flasks? Are the Schott flasks thicker/stronger or are they similar in quality. The Schotts cost a lot more so hoping the cheaper ones will be fine. Will be using...
  18. altone

    Wy1469 West Yorkshire Substitute

    Can anyone suggest a good replacement for the WY1469 yeast. I was going to do a DrSmurto's landlord. Missed out on getting some, can't find anyone who still has stock. Unless one of you lovely people has some they could spare ;)
  19. altone

    Commercial Clone Recipe?

    Hi folks, sorry if this is already covered, but does anyone have a VERY close copy of a commercial pilsner or lager they could point me to? I want to brew it as a test of my technique, so which beer it is doesn't matter. Idea being, follow recipe to the tee - compare with purchased product -...
  20. altone

    Hop Pellets Vs Plugs And Flowers

    Just wondering if you highly skilled brewers can shed light on this subject. I suspect there would be no/insignificant difference in flavour between pellets/plugs/flowers for bittering hops But do you think there are significant advantages in the aromatic features with plugs or flowers or is it...