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  1. goatchop41

    Ideas for closed transfer from basic HDPE fermenter

    So having recently made an NEIPA that was amazing for a grand total of 6 days in the keg before oxidising, I am wondering if anyone has come up with any inventive ways of doing closed transfers from their fermenter to keg, that doesn't involve a siphon. I haven't been able to find any sort of...
  2. goatchop41

    Milling directly in to bag for BIAB

    Does anyone do this? If so, how does your efficiency compare to the classic method of doughing in, with the bag already in the mash water? I am looking for ways to save time during my brew days (even a few minutes here and there adds up). I've just read through a thread of HBT about it, but...
  3. goatchop41

    Gladfield ale malt vs UK base malts

    Can anyone who has had experience with Gladfield ale malt give me a comparison of it compared to Maris Otter and Golden Promise? I'm looking to buy a a couple of sacks of base malt, and am thinking of Gladfields as I have loved the experiences that I've had with their American ale and Vienna...
  4. goatchop41

    Priming sugars and effect on finished beer

    Just looking for a bit of input from the brains trust on AHB regarding priming sugars when bottling, and their effect on the finished beer - paticularly white/raw sugar vs dex/DME. Another brewer is trying to convince me that using simple sugar for bottle priming will "strip out body and thin...
  5. goatchop41

    Getting in to Paulaner mini kegs

    I have had a Paulaner mini keg sitting around since this time time last year, with the intent of refilling it with my own beer as a cheap dispensing unit for parties. When I finally got around to trying to open the bastard, I've had no luck at all. I've looked at a few guides online, and they...
  6. goatchop41

    ITC-308S (inkbird) temp controller

    Does anyone have some feedback for these temp controllers? I've finally gotten my hands on a spare fridge for use as a ferm chamber, and don't particularly want to muck around trying to wire an STC myself. The ITC seems like an easy option, but just wanted to hear from anyone who owns one (and...
  7. goatchop41

    Celery taste in cider

    This was my second attempt at a cider. It has been sitting around in bottles for about 3-4 months now. Initially it sat in the fermenter for about a month total, to let it condition a bit. Recipe was 8L of woolies apple juice, 2L of woolies apple & pear juice, 250ml of strong tea and a teaspoon...
  8. goatchop41

    Over the side heating element to replace busted Birko element

    Hi all, I have inherited a Birko urn from my workplace - an older model of this. 30L capacity, 2400W element. The boss gave it to me because it wouldn't heat up at lower temps. Sure enough, there were issues with the element heating at lower temps when I tested it at home, but weirdly enough I...
  9. goatchop41

    Need help interpreting a poor water report

    So after making a porter that turned out a bit too astringent for my liking (and accounting for other potential causes - eg. I cold steeped the dark grains so that they didn't contribute astringency, etc.) I decided to have a look at the local water chemistry (Bendigo). It seems a bit different...