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  1. geoffi

    Too hot to Brew ?

    I fermented for years in a non-working chest freezer, just rotating frozen bottles of water. Even in the middle of summer I had no trouble maintaining steady temps for ales. More of a challenge with lagers, but still achievable, and in winter no problem at all.
  2. geoffi

    Kits revisited

    Friday I made 45 litres of unhopped low-grav pale wort from a mix of pale, pils and wheat malts with a sprinkle of crystal (my usual AG CPA recipe). Friday night I threw a cube of this into a fermenter with Cooper's Dark Ale can, topped up with water. OG 1.042. Fermented at ~17c with slurry from...
  3. geoffi

    Kits revisited

    When I first got into brewing the WWW was still science fiction, and there was not even 1% of the ingredients and gear available we now take for granted. We pretty much had the instructions on the can and that's about it. These days it's so easy to get the good oil on good brewing techniques...
  4. geoffi

    Kits revisited

    It's a good point about the process. Compared to when I started out with kits, every aspect will have improved out of sight, temperature control (ie not just trying to get it as warm as possible) and yeast selection (ie getting something decent and using the kit yeast as nutrient...) being top...
  5. geoffi

    Kits revisited

    This one I'm drinking now (yes, right now) isn't exactly Sam Armytage when it comes to a 'full body', but for just an 'arvo' type of beer, I've no complaints. Some aroma hops might be interesting, though.
  6. geoffi

    Kits revisited

    Like just about everybody else I started out doing kits. But like many I found myself moving inexorably towards the dark side. It's now been many years since I brewed anything but AG. But a few months back I tried a couple of kit brews that knocked my socks off (h/t Eddie and Vicki...). Clean...
  7. geoffi

    Weihenstephan Gift Pack At Dan's

    Got one of these for Christmas last year. Hopefully St Nick swings by Mr Murphy's again for me this Yuletide...
  8. geoffi

    Mel Robson Rip

    I first encountered Mel in 1990 at his Clovelly shop. His 'dry pack' kits were the gateway drug to AG, and made a very nice beer besides, especially when coupled with some yeast cultured from a CSA, which he suggested to me (long before the days of White Labs and Wyeast, that was). He was a...
  9. geoffi

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Then there's this... http://www.ebay.de/itm/2-X-5-Liter-Dose-Pa...9#ht_2261wt_689 10 litres for 21 euros...faaaahk....
  10. geoffi

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Yes, you certainly can find some superb beers on eBay.de... http://www.ebay.de/itm/Das-Bier-der-Aussie...8f#ht_500wt_689
  11. geoffi

    Aldi Liquor

    My father in law bought some of the Storm 'premium' (sic) light the other day at Aldi Albion Park. Annoyingly sweet vaguely alcoholic mouthwash. Not in a hurry to try their other offerings if that's the 'premium'...
  12. geoffi

    Barack Obama's A Homebrewer

    Uses English hops and yeast...the Republicans will probably crucify him as 'un-American'. (Could be worse I suppose...he could have used Kenya Goldings...)
  13. geoffi

    2010 Hop Plantations

    I've just harvested my Goldings (about 100g wet), Columbus (a few handfuls), and about 1/3 of my POR (good crop, maybe 1.5kg wet.) The POR and Goldings smell nice and hoppy, as expected. But the Columbus...wow. It really hits you. I'm looking forward to next year when this one hopefully starts...
  14. geoffi

    2010 Hop Plantations

    I've heard the first year is usually not too productive. I had a bumper crop of POR first year, and have had moderate to almost nil with the other varieties. I did pay my POR a lot of attention last year, with plenty of food and water. This year I was overseas all of January, so everything had...
  15. geoffi

    2010 Hop Plantations

    My hops is getting close to harvest time. This year I have four varieties planted: POR, Goldings, Columbus and Tettnanger. They are producing in that order, with the POR loaded with cones; the Goldings might have enough for a brew or two; Columbus has just a handful, but they look great...
  16. geoffi

    Barack Obama's A Homebrewer

    Yes, but I'll bet he's in a good state of preservation.
  17. geoffi

    Online News Article On Beer Tax - Www.fairgocraftbeer.com.au

    Call me a cynic if you will, but how many pollies and mandarins have a stake in a vineyard or a winery? Now, how many have a stake in a microbrewery?
  18. geoffi


    Just got back from South Africa. Now I know what you're all going to ask...what was the beer like? The answer...pretty boring. In fact incredibly boring. Fizzy (albeit very cheap) 'lager' with large amounts of maize is just about all on offer. However, in the town of Oudtshoorn I did stumble...
  19. geoffi

    Cpa Yeast

    AG/extract shouldn't have much bearing. Temp is the key. I ferment this yeast at about 16c and it comes out quite clean. I ferment in a broken-down old chest freezer, and use frozen PET bottles to keep the temp down. Works a charm, even in mid-summer. Another idea is put your fermenter in a...
  20. geoffi

    I Hate No-chill

    My recommendation for anybody wanting some reliable no-chill cubes is to get yourself a few fresh-wort kits. You get the cube and the beer.