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  1. SwagBiker

    Inkbird New Product Releasing and Giveaway for one of new product!

    This is awesome! Thanks Inkbird team.
  2. SwagBiker

    Let's see your fermentation chambers!

    I made mine from a free gumtree fridge. I carefully bent the evaporator plate (freezer section) so that it is vertical. This allows me to put a fan up inside it to blow the chilled air downwards. This is quite effective when chilling the wort down pre-pitching. Fan is controlled manually from...
  3. SwagBiker

    INKBIRD Giveaway of ITC-308 WIFI

    Thanks for the chance. Deffo a desirable item!
  4. SwagBiker

    Hefe Weizen flavour

    I recently had a work trip to Germany. Also tried the Paulaner Hefe Weizen. When enjoying it with a local friend, however, he added banana juice! I've never even seen banana juice before, let alone added any type of fruit juice to a beer. I guess he was really chasing the banana flavour. The...
  5. SwagBiker

    Review my wiring

    That is not a problem at all. Earths can be bonded together but neutrals and actives cannot.
  6. SwagBiker

    2019 Hop Plantations

    Thanks for the advice. I put the garden lime on about three weeks ago now. The ph, as tested yesterday, is between 6 and 6.5. I’m just using a colour match swatch and indicator solution from a garden shop. It seems that the vines that came up before ph correction have been permanently stunted...
  7. SwagBiker

    2019 Hop Plantations

    After a good start, my hops bines have slowed dramatically. Thanks to the advice of a friend who has much greener thumbs than mine I discovered that my soil was acidic, ph was down to 4.5. I've added garden lime and brought the ph up close to 7, but the bines haven't taken off again yet. Has...
  8. SwagBiker

    New Member from Adelaide, Where to get stuff?

    Beer Belly at Pooraka are also excellent for not only ingredients but all types of equipment and advice. I’ve no affiliation but I am a very happy regular customer. I don’t personally keg, but I know they do stock kegging equipment. Check their website or drop in.
  9. SwagBiker

    Plastic Electrical Box - Adelaide South (De Youngs)

    Nice find! I’d buy it just for the PLC, but I’m working way out north all this week. Will check if it’s still there by Friday.
  10. SwagBiker

    Beer belly in adelaide

    Yep, Beer Belly are awesome. Great prices and super helpful. I’m not affiliated other than being a regular buyer and fan. I’ve even ordered my grain bill by phone with no access to their website (working FIFO) and they’ve interpreted my ignorant questions and had the grain ready waiting for me...
  11. SwagBiker

    2019 Hop Plantations

    Here’s the cheeky cascade!
  12. SwagBiker

    2019 Hop Plantations

    To my surprise, my new Chinook and Cascade rhyzomes have already sprouted. Here’s to a good season to all growers!
  13. SwagBiker

    Electric brew pot controller

    Nice one! I like your agi too.
  14. SwagBiker

    Electric brew pot controller

    Hi Wobbly74, Just having a look over your pics, have you earthed the metallic side of the box? I can see you’ve got some 240V components mounted to it, so I cannot stress enough that it needs to be earthed for your safety.
  15. SwagBiker

    Electric brewing -controller

    6000W is a very big element. At 25A you'll be needing a dedicated feed and some cooling for your PID SSR. What size is your kettle? Do you need that much heat energy? If you're worried about the boil stage being too vigorous then maybe a smaller element would be best. Otherwise, if you want to...
  16. SwagBiker

    Coopers malts

    ditto high efficiency. I’ve done three brews with the pale malt now. At $3.50/kg it certainly makes the batch cheaper. First attempt as a CPA clone which went well. Most recent was a highly hopped American. It was only Coopers Pale malt and some crystal. Great body and head. For all applications...
  17. SwagBiker

    Review my wiring

    I would leave them at 30A if you’ve already bought them. It looks like your elements are rated to 10A each, so whilst theoretically it should be fine to use 10A relays, you won’t have any wriggle room. Everything has a manufacturing tolerance which is +/- its nominal value. If the element is...
  18. SwagBiker

    Stc1000 and fisher and Paykel active smart fridges

    Is there a circuit diagram on the fridge anywhere? They are often in an unobtrusive location, like on the rear panel or even on the inside of a removable rear panel. If you can find one and post a pic I can try to see if there’s anything that can be done.
  19. SwagBiker

    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

    In it to win it!
  20. SwagBiker

    DPDT switch question

    By the looks of the schematic, you’d want to go out with the two centre pins and in on either the top or the bottom, depending on whether you want ‘on’ to be up or down. If you put the active and neutral on to the centre pins then the neon will alsways be on, even when the pump is off.