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  1. Peterbrew

    Off taste possible infection?

    I brewed a Black Rock dry lager using dextrose and thought I'd try adding the stee-pac straight in the fermenter. Apart from a really high IG which was probably a false reading, all was good. After a week added an unsure weight of tetnang hops that I got from a brewery and froze. Admittedly I...
  2. Peterbrew

    Best place to buy kegs

    Hi guys What's everyone reckon of the 19l kegs on eBay for about $120? They are 304SS, Brewmart has them for $160 or $130, what's the difference? http://www.brewmart.com.au/brewmart-shop/catalogue/?CATID=416&CLN=1 I've had a look at second hand ones are they any good? Just run a seal kit...