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  1. geoffi

    Kits revisited

    Like just about everybody else I started out doing kits. But like many I found myself moving inexorably towards the dark side. It's now been many years since I brewed anything but AG. But a few months back I tried a couple of kit brews that knocked my socks off (h/t Eddie and Vicki...). Clean...
  2. geoffi


    Just got back from South Africa. Now I know what you're all going to ask...what was the beer like? The answer...pretty boring. In fact incredibly boring. Fizzy (albeit very cheap) 'lager' with large amounts of maize is just about all on offer. However, in the town of Oudtshoorn I did stumble...
  3. geoffi

    Wet Hops

    This from the Huffington Post today: Wet hops Remember the days when American beer was glibly mocked? How many Australian beer drinkers even know what hops is, let alone wet hops? This country is in so many ways still on its training wheels.
  4. geoffi

    Fresh From Blighty

    My in-laws just got back from two weeks in the Old Dart. They brought me back a few gifts, to wit one bottle each London Pride, Bombadier and Bishop's Finger. Bought from a London supermarket two days ago. I've always thought English ales bought in Australia were not a patch on what I remember...
  5. geoffi

    Home-grown Hops: Digging And Dividing

    Hi all, After a very pleasing first harvest of my POR, I've had interest from a few people in obtaining rhizomes. Very happy to oblige, but I'm not sure what the best way to approach this is. Do you just dig up the whole thing and cut it into pieces? BTW, I had a look at the hops wiki, but the...
  6. geoffi

    When In Romania...

    Beware of drunk pedestrians
  7. geoffi

    Hops, Hops And Hops

    My sad-looking little POR vine has come a long way in the last few months. Any experienced 'hoppers' have advice on when to harvest?
  8. geoffi

    A Tale Of Two Rhizomes

    Planted one Goldings and one POR about 120cm apart on the same day in late September, same soil (a mound of mulchy, manury goodies). Both looked healthy going into the ground. Today... Alas, looks like the Goldings is a goner. But at least the POR is taking off strongly.
  9. geoffi

    Hb Article

    "Beers ain't beers" Needless to say, the journo stuffed something up, right at the end. Never read a newspaper article on any topic about which I have particular knowledge which didn't feature at least one clanger.
  10. geoffi

    A Tale Of A Stuck Fermentation

    Stuck fermentation is a topic that seems to come up fairly often, so I thought I'd relate my recent experience. Put down a Dunkelweizen last Monday. I did a three-step mash, 50-60-70, batch sparge, no-chill. Pitched rehydrated WB-06. Got off to a good start and fermented happily at 18c for...
  11. geoffi

    Oktoberfest Flight Of Fancy

    Oktoberfesters and others considering a trip to Europe this year should check this out. http://www.bestflights.com.au/cgi-bin/07_2...indetails=15034 Cheapest return fare to Europe I've ever seen. You can stop over in Kuala Lumpur too for a change of pace and superb Malaysian food... :icon_drool2:
  12. geoffi

    Alcohol Intake

    So there's been a lot of talk lately about what constitutes 'safe' levels of alcohol consumption. As time goes by, the 'bar' (as it were) seems to get lowered again and again. Is it four drinks? Three? Lately there's been publicity that two drinks a day is the limit beyond which you are...
  13. geoffi

    Extended Boil

    So, yesterday I was up at 5am. At 10:30 am I swam from Bondi Beach to Bronte. Then I had to look after three kids until 4pm, when I drove from Bexley to Jamberoo. So I was pretty tired. But I decided I needed a Xmas brew, and time was running out. So brewing it was. At 10:20pm, my 38 litre...
  14. geoffi

    Araldite -- Food Grade?

    Anybody know if Araldite is 'food grade'? I'm looking for a suitable glue to use in my party kegs.
  15. geoffi

    Alco-pop Takes A Hit

    I read this morning that the excise on 'alco-pop' leg-openers has been raised by 70% to counter binge drinking. I wonder if today's teens have the nous to buy a bottle of cheap vodka and a few PETs of fancy fruity soft drink. Maybe it's the labels that really appeal to them.
  16. geoffi

    S-33 Yeast

    I have a few sachets of this stuff, but I'm not sure what it's appropriate for. Anybody have any experience with it?
  17. geoffi

    Hop Extract

    I recently brewed a beer (Schwarzbier) that seemed rather lifeless. Specifically, it was noticeably under-bittered. I had used some rather long-in-the-tooth hops. They had been kept in a tightly sealed bag in the freezer, and I adjusted for the age of the hops, but I think I underestimated how...
  18. geoffi

    Beer Machine?

    I just inherited some odds and ends of brewing kit from a FOAF. Among the junk appears to be a more-or-less complete Beer Machine. Looks like the seals are shot, and it needs a good scrub, but it might be a goer. I understand you are supposed to use the manufacturer's own concentrates to make...
  19. geoffi

    Biab With Hop Sock

    Too lazy to read through the posts on this one for the answer that is probably there somewhere... Has anybody used one of those Craftbrewer hop socks for BIAB? They are pretty big and seem strong enough.
  20. geoffi

    Orange Peel: Dried Or Fresh?

    Planning a Witbier. Most recipes call for dried peel, but I have seen that fresh peel is used by some. Any Witmeisters out there have an opinion on fresh vs dried?