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  1. trevc

    My Mate's A Knob

    Thanks Katie, Fatgodzilla :) I'm indeed still here, lurking and absorbing further beery knowledge. The brewery was sold to a new brewer on here. I've been busy sailing (which can be quite entertaining since I started off with no skills). I've only half-sunk the boat once so far, which the wife...
  2. trevc

    My Mate's A Knob

    Hilarious thread... This is what happens when you ask a question on beery forum :) Also, cans are better than bottles! I'm totally pro-can.
  3. trevc

    Amsterdam Maximat0r!

    Also, the Mariners are actually brewed by Grolsche Bierbrouwerij N.V.
  4. trevc

    Amsterdam Maximat0r!

    Wow, imagine how much the nanny-nation tard government would tax this if it were sold here! Also, Amsterdam Mariner is currently on sale at BWS for $55/2 cartons. Not bad, and it tastes more beery than the usual aussie cheapies. I can actually smell a hint of hops, shocking :)
  5. trevc


    I'd like to point out that it's predominantly Australian brewed megaswill that suffers from what (I imagine) sock water would taste like. Most North American varieties are just lacking in flavour, and dirty-sock. (Disclaimer: I'm about to head out for a 6 pack of whatever beer-like beverage is...
  6. trevc

    Frozen Glasses

    I'm a die-hard keep all glasses in the freezer guy, regardless of the beer going in to them. It's QLD, so they'll be at ambient temperature in no time anyhow! If a beer style is traditionally served warmer, just sit outside and wait a few minutes to enjoy the full flavour B)
  7. trevc

    Problems At The Local Cafe...

    The beer smelled of rotten eggs, and yet you've been drinking there through 4 changes of owners. That's some serious customer loyalty! ;) I think only 1 eggy smelling Carlton would be enough to scare me away.
  8. trevc

    Complete All-grain Brewery For Sale

    Hey guys. That's correct, there's a pending sale to Gravity Guru. I'll keep this thread updated. Cheers
  9. trevc

    Complete All-grain Brewery For Sale

    I'm selling mostly for my own health. When there's such a large supply of good beer, I tend to drink a hell of a lot more. I'm not very good at letting the stocks pile up. I can drink 750's like they were stubbies. I love the technical aspect of brewing, but I'd really prefer to keep the extra...
  10. trevc

    Complete All-grain Brewery For Sale

    Hello everyone. My brew gear is up for sale, and everything is (I think) at pretty reasonable prices. - 90L Alu Stockpot and lid (holes are drilled to accommodate mashmaster dial thermo, and standard SS tap) $75 - 50L Alu Stockpot and lid with Mashmaster dial thermometer and stainless tap...
  11. trevc

    Alcopop Excise To Include Kriek Etc.

    In Canada, teens would just buy a $15 bottle of vodka and mix. I know others have mentioned this before, but how could these law-makers overlook the fact that spirits are cheaper/stronger and very easy to mix in to an "alcopop"? Alcohol is alcohol, and people that want to drink, or drink...
  12. trevc

    Age Article - Sweet 'beers' To Attract Higher Tax

    Probably won't be long before all references to the word beer are removed from the packaging, and it's known simply as "VB".
  13. trevc

    Age Article - Sweet 'beers' To Attract Higher Tax

  14. trevc

    Age Article - Sweet 'beers' To Attract Higher Tax

    The current government seems quite set on enforcing all aspects of what should be common sense with laws and regulations. The few examples that bother me the most: - Wearing (push)bike helmets at all times, regardless of circumstances/location (this is probably old, but still a law here, could...
  15. trevc

    Friday Rant And Flame Fest - What Is Australia's National Beer?

    The Fosters brewed by Oil Can Breweries in Texas and Georgia tastes noticeably better than the local (difficult to find) Australian variety. Actually, I think it just has less old-sock flavour and less body, so goes down like nothing when it's served ice cold in those 750ml cans. It's often a...
  16. trevc

    Friday Rant And Flame Fest - What Is Australia's National Beer?

    Regardless of what any of us would LIKE it to be, it's definitely VB.
  17. trevc

    Medium Regulator And Italian Spiral Flame Questions

    I always control from the LPG tank tap, the medium regulator seems useless for controlling output.
  18. trevc

    Beware Of Ball Valves

    Shit... another thing that needs cleaning. 3-piece is looking very appealing. Edit: my 1 piece valves don't even come apart. I guess soaking open and closed is the only option.