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  1. trevc

    Amsterdam Maximat0r!

    Wow, imagine how much the nanny-nation tard government would tax this if it were sold here! Also, Amsterdam Mariner is currently on sale at BWS for $55/2 cartons. Not bad, and it tastes more beery than the usual aussie cheapies. I can actually smell a hint of hops, shocking :)
  2. trevc

    Complete All-grain Brewery For Sale

    Hello everyone. My brew gear is up for sale, and everything is (I think) at pretty reasonable prices. - 90L Alu Stockpot and lid (holes are drilled to accommodate mashmaster dial thermo, and standard SS tap) $75 - 50L Alu Stockpot and lid with Mashmaster dial thermometer and stainless tap...
  3. trevc

    Where Can I Buy Plastic Buckets/cubes On The Gold Coast?

    I'm looking for a suitable container for my bucket-o-death. I was hoping for a 30L fermenter-style drum, or even a large cube. The Bunnings here doesn't have any buckets in stock, and Anaconda has no water drums/cubes. I'd really like to avoid going any where near Brisbane... too far. Surely...
  4. trevc

    Cali Common / Steam Beer Recipe , Input Needed

    Hey guys I've been doing more and more reading about steam beer/cali common (anchor steam in particular). I think I've finally settled on a recipe for my first attempt. The only thing holding me back now is the US NB hops. I've talked to every retailer, hopco, etc etc... no luck so far. My...
  5. trevc

    Tooheys Extra Dry

    Sorry, but I really feel the need to rant for a moment... This stuff is a nasty, watery, spewy tasting excuse for a beer. What market are they catering to? Perhaps it's for people that want to drink beer, but don't like beer? I can understand the appeal of a watered down "dry" style in the...
  6. trevc

    Beerbelly Ss Hopscreen And Pickup Tube For Sale Or Trade

    I was a bit over-enthusiastic when ordering my AG gear, and have some items I really don't need. One of these is my Beerbelly SS hopscreen/pickup tube. The hopscreen works perfectly, and the construction/build quality is second to none. When I was first starting out, I was somehow under the...
  7. trevc

    My Recipe For A Chimay Bleue Style Brew (so Far)

    So... I've been doing some reading, and hassling Browndog and bindi for recipe ideas. Cheers guys. Chimay apparently has wheat starch in the grainbill @ 10-15%, so I used torrified wheat instead. I've also read in a few places that they use Cluster for bittering (as liquid hops). I wasn't too...
  8. trevc

    Stainless Steel Beer Bottles

    Anyone seen these before? Would be pretty nice to use for a special batch :)
  9. trevc

    Looking To Buy North American Northern Brewer Hops

    Hey Guys, Does anyone have these? I haven't been able to track them down anywhere. An American mate of mine swears the North American NB are different enough that you can't substitute the German variety. Cheers
  10. trevc

    Uh Oh... Commercial Kegs With Gps

  11. trevc

    The No-chill Cube Informal Water Taste/smell Test

    I'm not sure if this has been done before. My apologies if it has, but I couldn't locate any threads. As discussed elsewhere on the board, I'm going to "no-chill" some filtered/boiling water to see if the cube itself adds any noticeable flavours/smells to the water. The cube being tested has...
  12. trevc

    Quick Hops Growing Angle Question

    Hey guys, just wanted to consult some of the more experienced growers on this one. I've tried my friend Google, as always, but couldn't find an answer quickly. What's the minimum practical angle that Hops will tolerate and cling to for climbing? I'm currently setting up a lattice of twine on...
  13. trevc

    What's The Most Efficient Liquor To Grist Ratio If Space In The Ma

    Hey guys, Just planning some future double batches here, and trying to determine how to most effectively use my 55L esky mashtun (beerbelly false bottom). The recipe I'm playing with has an 11.5kg grain-bill. So far I'm looking at the following: - 20.7L of mash-in water (1.8L/kg) -...
  14. trevc

    A Few Hops And Beer Pics...

    Bottling the Dr Smurto JSGA today... I drank the 400ml or so in the fermenter that couldn't fill a tallie. This beer will be VERY good. Two tasty cold James Squire Pilsners down in Byron Bay, at the Beach Hotel Our POR hops, just over 3 weeks old. Growing on the balcony in a 90L pot...
  15. trevc

    Canadian Hop Varieties And Canadian Beer Styles

    I've seen several Canadian breweries mention using "Pacific Northwest hops" in their beers, or other similar descriptions. Does anyone have ideas as to what strains they're using? There's a mass-produced beer I liked in Canada called Kokanee Gold. It's fairly bland compared to "real" beers...
  16. trevc

    First Ag. The Brew-day Plan So Far.

    Hey guys, I'm attempting my first all grain brew in the next few days with my mate Dave. I wanted to post the gear we're using, and the step-by-step plan so far. I'm going to print out the check-list, since we'll likely be drinking beer while we're doing this, and don't want to mess things up...
  17. trevc

    4-ring Burner Setup... Any Good?

    Hello everyone I wanted to get your opinions on the 4-ring style cast-iron burners. I've picked one up at BBQ's Galore today, and it came with a standard low pressure reg. A few observations: - It doesn't seem to have much grunt at all, even with full gas and 4 rings going full. - The wind...
  18. trevc

    Burleigh Brewing Co. (gold Coast) Is Open Tonight For A Bbq And Beeeer

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. They're open from 5:00 to 8:30 tonight for BBQ and beers (first Friday of every month). I'm going there for a few Pale Ale's right now. http://www.burleighbrewing.com/ Cheers, Trev
  19. trevc

    Cheap Aluminium Stock Pots. Too Good To Be True?

    Hey guys, check these out: http://www.cheflink.com.au/productcart/pc/...?idCategory=219 I'm tempted to grab an 80L for the eventual double batches, but wanted to know what everyone else thinks. Is 4mm thick enough for proper heat dissipation on the bottom? I'm not after anything fancy, just...