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  1. rude

    Water to grain ratio

    Just about to test my single vessel build with some grain It is a keggle with return going to the top & bottom style taken from QKev's buid & many others on here Might go for a APA first up say 4.5kg of grain With 20 L water just past the bottom of the big W pot I could lower the pot more but...
  2. rude

    checking Ph when step mashing

    Sorry for not researching but on the 1v build & will be doing step mashes once I complete it plus Friday & have had a few bit lazy Mash in 55c no dough balls should I still check PH 10 mins in or wait for the sach rest 10 mins in still checking at 20 - 25 c room temp aiming for 5.2 to 5.6
  3. rude

    1 vessel build polishing SS

    I have been prepping my keggle for the above At the bottom of keggle there is an outside skin welded to sit the keg on I wanted to grind a bit of this away to drill holes for return wirlpool , outlet to the pump & heating element so they were closer to the bottom I did 2 of the areas where...
  4. rude

    Camco 4500w element

    I was wondering if anybody else is using the 4500w camco element from electricbrewery site $40 US Was going to use it in my 1v keggle plugged into 10A outlet with an Auberins EZboil set to 50% Its the ss version & I could allways run a 20A circuit later on if desired They don't list a 3600w...
  5. rude

    Auber Instrument buy

    Have been reading but lots of threads muddled up together in my head so does this list from Auber Instuments look correct I want to build a 1V system 2400 W 50L keggle with Big W ss pot like QKev's I'm going to use Auberins gear PID Model SYL=2352x2P Ramp soak $78.95 Sensor PT100-L50 1/2 NPT...
  6. rude

    Guten 30 L

    Has anyone bought & tried these units 30L 40 L to the top Any feedback positive or negitive would be apreciated
  7. rude

    Kegmenter triclamp

    Made up a kegmenter with a bigger hole I can't hold pressure can hear gas leaking from my triclamp Not sure if I have the right clamp ?
  8. rude

    Keg level

    Has anyone tried these from Ibrew Keg Level Indicator (Ballandkeg) from $24.95 Do you know how they work ?
  9. rude

    American Brown Ale

    Trying to formulate one of these American Browns all comments appreciated Did have this post in the style guide section but moved here for critique Using Brew Mate & Brun only discrepancy is the SRM for carramunich 11 BrewMate has it at 63 SRM cant change Wey has it at 120 SRM entered into...
  10. rude

    Spunding Valve

    Just wondering who uses what type of valve for pressure fermenting Have seen the KK ones but apparentley they are very touchy to control Have looked for some in RS spares as below SMC AP100 Rc 1/4 Female Pressure Relief Valve Female RC 40mm 1/4in, 0.05 → 1Mpa This one was $85 bit dear but if...
  11. rude

    Dark Mild ,South Brown

    Was thinking of giving this recipe a go just wondered if it will be ok Have I gone to heavy with some of the spec malts ? Og is high for a Mild but figure it wont attenuate to 1010 & wont something just under 4 %
  12. rude


    Did a search about this system, bit on you tube but not English Looks like they use the steam from the kettle to mash with plus the water in the tun, 2 vessel system microprocessor control Anyone here got one, Florian commented about them when I searched here Bit hard to understand nearly...
  13. rude

    Partially frozen keg

    Had a kolsch on tap with an English Bitter & an APA taped the temp probe for stc on the beer out line of the kolsch The kolsch keg was in the corner of my keezer where ice had built up a bit as I do serve cold, old school Aussie I know too cold you loose the flavour old habits die hard Well...
  14. rude

    acidifying mash

    Just wondering does anyone here acidify their mash water to hit mash ph say for a kolsch Then throw all salt additions into the kettle I know its the reverse but then you would get all additions in the fermenter as adding salts to mash some get left behind Just read it somewhere on another site...
  15. rude

    RO sparge water

    Do I need to treat my sparge RO water I'm using Brun water calc Looking at the Alkalinity after using 100% RO it is 13 ppm which is below the 25 ppm in the instructions where it says It may not be necessary Played around with sparge acidification page & got my final water alkalinity to 13 ppm...
  16. rude

    1099 whitbred

    Just tried this yeast quite old pack from Roy (TWOC) 7 months old Did a 500ml starter & stepped up to 2.5 L Pitched on top of some Simpsons Marris Otter malt Carramunich ll crystal malt & a touch of Wey Wheat Went Challanger hop plugs...
  17. rude

    Under attenuated

    Hi all fermented a Kolsch style beer pils malt with a touch of wheat I used notto yeast for this one & I usually wait 2 weeks then cc Having read how quick this yeast finishes & having all kegs empty I took a hydro reading 1010-1008 after 6 days & concluded it was finished I then CCed for 3 days...
  18. rude

    Andale tap

    Hi I have a Tap a workmate gave me Can you get connectors for them Are they any good Any advice would be appreciated
  19. rude

    yeast starter step up

    Ok having trouble understanding the yeast calc I am going to brew a Munich Dunkel down the track so thought I'de play around with the yeast calc I will be using wyeast 2206 lager yeast wort 25 Litres @ 1050 lets presume the yeast is the latest date ( I know this doesnt happen but just for theory...
  20. rude

    ND80 kegerator

    Hi all just after some advice on this fridge $1100 fridge only grunfoss compressor made in china ? Its for sale at brew craft ND80 holds 8 cornies has 2 holes for fonts but I'll only use one have to plugg the other one up. Was going to buy a freezer 320 litre & collar it but a few threads on...