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  1. Greg Lawrence

    Keezer Drip Tray Issue

    Liquid nails worked ok for me.. Drip tray has been solid for about 3 years now. Perhaps you didn't clean the surface 1st?
  2. Greg Lawrence

    Allternative To Dme

    I used DME for a starter in my last cider. It was a 2L starter and you would never know that there was any DME in there. Probably didnt even need to do a starter, as I use dry champagne yeast. EC1117 or something like that.
  3. Greg Lawrence

    Castle Hill Show Competition 2012

    Hey Pete, at least you didnt try to late hop with Boadiccea like I did. Ive got one in the keg which I am considering chucking (1st time). Just hoping that it will get better with age, but probably not. Might pour myself one now actually.
  4. Greg Lawrence

    Sydney: Stanhope Gardens Area. Beer Spots!?

    The Australian Hotel & Brewery is just down the road. Just a bit further than the Mean Fiddler.
  5. Greg Lawrence

    Kegging Setups

    Are you sure that frame is going to be strong enough? Could have done with a bit more bracing. ;)
  6. Greg Lawrence

    Plugging Up A Old Element Hole In My Kettle

    Not really answering your question, but have you got a 20A outlet to run your 4800W element?
  7. Greg Lawrence

    Illiteracy In Oz

    Also the capital in Know
  8. Greg Lawrence

    What Does Your Lady Drink

    She drinks anything that I brew apart from Wheat, she doesn't like the yeast. She will drink lagers, pale ales, porters, stouts, IPA, IIPA, even an 100+IBU 11.5% IIPA that I made recently. This is a bit of a problem as it's hard enough to keep a steady supply up for myself, and Im not too keen...
  9. Greg Lawrence

    Paddy's Hop Haverst Festival - Who's Going?

    The bewery list (on the website) looks a bit light. Im pretty sure Doc said he was serving , but not on the list. Anyone got the full list?
  10. Greg Lawrence

    Paddy's Hop Haverst Festival - Who's Going?

    I'll be there. If this rain keeps up its going to be mighty crowded in there.
  11. Greg Lawrence

    1/2 Inch Silicon Washer/gasket

    If you have any excess silicon hose, cut a bit off that, slice it lenghtways to flatten it out then cut it to shape. Otherwise Aldi often has cheap silicon baking trays.
  12. Greg Lawrence

    Fs 5 Litre Glass Demijohns (swing Tops)

    Im glad that someone got it. Dunno about that M E A D. Id prefer to drink me some heaathy like sivver reeal.
  13. Greg Lawrence

    Sunshine Coast Woodworkers?

    So who else had to google luthier?
  14. Greg Lawrence

    Recommendations For The States Trip

    Heaps of good beer bars there too. Its not uncommon to have 20-30 craft beers on tap, some have over 100. Found one in central San Francisco which had 80 on tap. 1.5 blocks south on powell st from union square. Part of Loris diner. San Diegio has the Yardhouse, corner 4th and broardway. there...
  15. Greg Lawrence

    Tragedy In The Shed

    Still working for fermenting, but has some trouble crash chilling on hot days.
  16. Greg Lawrence

    Old 20l Cubes

    I was given a 25L cube which originally contained shampoo. Tried everything, but cant get rid of that smell. That reminds me, recycling bins go out tonight, must get rid of that stinky thing.
  17. Greg Lawrence

    Aldi Vacuum Sealers

    Tried that, filter was full of hop resin so removed it completely but stil no sucky sucky. Tossed it and bought the aldi one yesterday. Very different design and seems to be very good quality.
  18. Greg Lawrence

    Vacuum Sealer From Bulk Buy While Ago

    Hi Barls I bought one of those in that BB. It is currently sitting in the recycling bin, but I can get it out if you want it. Motor still runs, just doesnt suck (which really does suck). I think it inhaled to much hop dust. I cant be bothered trying to fix it. I replaced it yesterday with a far...
  19. Greg Lawrence

    Aldi Vacuum Sealers

    I will be buying one. My last one that I bought in a recent bulk buy packed it in. Stopped sucking, I think due to sticky hop dust/resin getting sucked into the pump. Havent really had any dud purchases from Aldi, so expect that this will be fairly good quality.