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  1. Greg Lawrence

    Gabf - Anyone Going This Year?

    Howdy Anyone here going to GABF this year? Im going to the Saturday session. It would be good to hear from anyone who has been before. Maybe you could give me some tips. The website doesnt really have too much info on the event. Greg ed spelling
  2. Greg Lawrence

    Does C02 Go Bad?

    I was recently given an old C02 bottle which is dated 1999. I thought that it would be good for an emergency if my other bottle ever ran out. My system sprung a leak over the weekend and emptied a full bottle, so now I want to use this C02 bottle so I can continue drinking through the...
  3. Greg Lawrence

    Anyone Want This 70's "porn Set" Fireplace

    Ive finally got around to bringing another room out of the 70's. Mty next job is to rip out this classic 70's fire place. It reminds me of something from a porn set. Free to anyone who wants it. Im in Kings Langley. PM me if interested. Gregor
  4. Greg Lawrence

    Ultrasonic Cleaners @ Aldi

    Saw these ultrasonic cleaners at Aldi http://www.aldi.com.au/au/html/offers/2827_16133.htm Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with ultrasonic cleaners. Would they be any good for cleaning small parts that are otherwise difficult to clean? I was thinking ballvalves, fermenter taps...
  5. Greg Lawrence

    Beer Served In Dead Animals

    http://news.ninemsn.com.au/glance/7934033/...in-dead-animals I want one!
  6. Greg Lawrence

    Plugging The Hole In A 18 Gallon Keg

    Ive recently acquired an 18 gallon keg which I plan to use as a kettle. Problem is the hole in the side of it. Has anyone got any ideas of how to plug it without welding? Its aprox 50mm, but seems to taper in a bit to about 48mm. I would also welcome suggestions (& photos) of where to install...
  7. Greg Lawrence

    Stirplate Magnets - Gap Between Magnets

    Im having a few problems with my home made stirplate. I have the speed control sorted (fan speed controller and 240V fan) but I can only get a tiny vortex going before the stirbar flys off. Just wondering if someone can tell me the optimal gap odf the magnets in comparison to the length of the...
  8. Greg Lawrence

    How Long Is Too Long In The Cube

    How long can wort be kept in the cube? Is it OK to keep unfermented wort in a no-chill cube for long periods of time before fermenting. I havent done a FWK for a while now (since I started doing AG) but I never noticed a "use by" or "best before" date on them. Ive got a couple of full no-chill...
  9. Greg Lawrence

    Lightstrike From Incandescant Lamps?

    Lightstrike, does it occur from incandescent lamps, or is it only from direct sunlight? Im condinering putting a lamp in my fermenting fridge to bring the temp up (using the fridgemate on heating mode) but worried about lightstrike. If i cover the lamp, it will probably blow (or start a fire)...
  10. Greg Lawrence

    Crash Chilled Before Fermentation Was Finished

    I have 2 fermentation fridges and last night I turned one down to 5 degrees to clear the beer before kegging. Turns out that I adjusted the wrong fridgemate. The beer was still at about 1.014 and still had a bit to go. I have turned it up to 15 degrees again to finish the fermentation. just...
  11. Greg Lawrence

    Timers At Aldi $3.99

    Thought a few of you may be interested in these http://aldi.com.au/au/html/offers/2827_135...010-05-20-08-35 Ill be getting a couple. Gregor
  12. Greg Lawrence

    Italian Spiral - How Much Weight Can They Handle?

    Does anyone know how much weight the stand of an italian spiral burner can handle? Im looking at doing a 150L brew (1st May Big brew day) in a kettle which is about 20kg, but not too sure if the stand is going to cope with 170 Kg. Anyone had any experience with this? Gregor
  13. Greg Lawrence

    Free: Retaining Wall Blocks

    Anyone want some retaining wall concrete blocks? I have about 65 of the ones pictured here and about another 30 with flat tops for the top of the wall. Im at Kings Langley (near Seven Hills). PM me if you want them. Gregor
  14. Greg Lawrence

    Motors, Pulleys & Belts - Where To Buy In Syd?

    As soon as the new Millmasters arrive, Im getting me one. Dont really want to muck around with drills etc, so looking at motorising it straight away. Can anyone give me advise on a one stop shop where I can get a motor, pullys and belt. I dont have the time to be fluffing around going from place...
  15. Greg Lawrence

    Wtb - Sodium Percarbonate

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to buy some Sodium Percarbonate. Im after 50kgs of it. Gregor
  16. Greg Lawrence

    Wtb - 18 Gallon Keg

    Has anyone got an 18 Gallon keg for sale? Or can anyone point me in the right direction on where to get one. They come up on Ebay every now and then, but always seem to be in th ewrong location for me. Gregor
  17. Greg Lawrence

    Macs Hoprocker Pilsner Recipe

    I was wondering if anyone has a recipe for a clone of Macs Hoprocker Pilsner. I dont know if this has been discussed before. If so maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I was drinking it in NZ about a year ago and loved it. Then I had a bottle last week and it tasted just as good as...
  18. Greg Lawrence

    My 1st Ag

    Yesterday morning I attempted my 1st AG brew. I thought that I would do a small batch for my 1st one, so if I stuffed it up completely, there would not be too much wasted. My cubes (collected from FWKs) are 15L which actually hold more like 17 L, so I aimed to make a 19L brew (allowing for a bit...
  19. Greg Lawrence

    Beertools Pro 1.5

    Im finally making the step up to AG and am looking at getting some software. I have downloaded trial versions of promash, beersmith and beertools pro V1.5. As a noob, Beertools pro seems the easiest to use and understand. I had a quick search on this site for topics about beertools, but could...
  20. Greg Lawrence

    Silicone Or Fibre Washers For Kettle?

    Im having problems getting a good seal on the tap of my kettle. Im using silicone washers between the keg wall and stainless washers) but as I tighten the tap on the bulkhead, they seem to squash out. Would the red fibre washers be better for the job? Can anyone tell me if the fibre washers...