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  1. N3MIS15

    Full Aperture Can Conditioning

    Hey there, I was thinking about buying full aperture lids with my next batch of cans. As I prefer to can condition, I was wondering if the full aperture lids can handle the pressure while conditioning. The standard lids tend to bulge a little, but I have not had any failures due to the lid...
  2. N3MIS15

    ESP32 Tilt Repeater

    I wrote a small sketch that repeats the data sent from any tilts it finds. My Tiltpi logging data while brewing in stainless fermenters that are inside fridges has proven difficult. The ESP32 repeater seems to have solved my issue. I have placed one inside each of my 3 fridges (outside of the...
  3. N3MIS15

    Using ESP32 OLED to get Tilt data

    I was hesitant to post this as the code is very bare bones, has absolutely zero error handling and probably totally the wrong way to go about this. I did however get working exactly what i was after. For $18~ on aliexpress and a bit of dodgy code I can now check my tilt hydrometer readings...
  4. N3MIS15

    Davo's bottle washer

    Bottle washers have been done to death, but I figured I would post mine anyways. The main difference in mine is the 3d printed "nozzle". I designed the "nozzle" to enable a snug fit with all bottles I had on hand (coopers PET, grolsh, coopers long neck and a random assortment of stubbies). I...
  5. N3MIS15

    Double batch mid in grainfather?

    Ive been looking at http://aussiehomebrewer.com/recipe/507-docs-yardglass-session-lite/ and wondering if I could brew this recipe (and other double batches) in the 30l Grainfather. My intention is to top up the fermentor after boil to achieve the 40l. Are there any downsides to this? Anything...
  6. N3MIS15

    brewpi fridge question

    I was given a fridge that I plan to use as a fermentation chamber combined with a brewpi setup. I was curious on the best method of controlling the fridge. Should I take control of the thermostat, or is plugging the fridge into my controller sufficient? I will mostly be focusing on ales, but...