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  1. panzerd18


    Any point in getting a Crown or Birko Urn, when this comes in at $449? Seriously tempting. Was surprised there was not already a post on this. More than half the price of a grainfather too. $449 http://kegking.com.au/35l-all-in-one-single-vessel-brewery.html
  2. panzerd18

    Dark Ale vs Dark Lager

    Other than the yeasts used, are there any other differences I should aware of?
  3. panzerd18

    I love it when....

    You can brew a lager at ambient temp without a temperature controlled fridge! My pilsner is sitting happy at 12C without needing to cool it. Neptune winters are very cold.
  4. panzerd18

    Fermentation stripping hops from wort

    It amazes me that the wort can taste and smell super hoppy before pitching yeast, but then after fermentation has finished, a lot of the aroma, flavor and some bitterness has been lost. I understand that some yeast work against the hops profile differently, however, is it inevitable that with...
  5. panzerd18

    Kit with no kilo

    Has anyone tried a kit with no kilo? I'm looking to brew a very light beer for health reasons. Other than having a low OG and thin mouth feel is there any other problems associated with this?
  6. panzerd18

    Coopers Brew Enhancer 1 vs Coopers Brewing Sugar

    Whats the difference between Coopers Brew Enhancer 1 vs Coopers Brewing Sugar? Because they are both listed to contain dextrose and maltodextrin, with Brewing Sugar being cheaper.
  7. panzerd18

    Cost effectiveness of ingredients - Kit vs Extract vs All Grain?

    After coming home from my homebrew store and paying around $46 worth of ingredients for a Kit beer, I was wondering what the cost effectiveness would be compared to Extract and All Grain? Excluding equipment costs, and basing the answer purely on ingredient costs per 23 litre batch, which is...
  8. panzerd18

    Help me with Coopers Pale Ale kit

    Hi all, I am brewing a Coopers Pale Ale kit for a friend for his birthday. The following ingredients will be used - Coopers Pale Ale Kit Brew Enhancer 2 US05 Yeast @ 18C 25 grams Cascade Hops - Dry hopped during the last 3 days of ferment I'm going to fill the fermenter up to the 20 litre...
  9. panzerd18

    Imperial Stout Explosion

  10. panzerd18

    What is your favourite commercial beer?

    For me it's Chimay Red. One word can describe it, that being beautiful.
  11. panzerd18

    Belgium Beer Importers - Notjustwine.....anyone had any experience?

    Last week I purchased something from - http://www.notjustwine.com.au/ They sell Belgium Beer. I have not heard anything from them and my CC has not been charged. Has anyone had any dealings with this beer retailer before? I found a number for them in a wine retailer directory and an address...
  12. panzerd18

    Google search

    Just wanted to say I wish more forums used google as a forum search function. Its fantastic and I am able to easily find what I am looking for.
  13. panzerd18

    I have a problem

    I'm addicted to eating carbonation drops.
  14. panzerd18

    Specific gravity advice

    Hello all, My start specific gravity was 1.050. After three days I retrieved a reading of 1.024. On the forth day 1.018. I understand you must wait until after two consecutive days the specific gravity stays the same to bottle. How much further to you think it will go? The foam has started to...
  15. panzerd18

    Cool yeast fermentation time lapse video

    http://youtu.be/ZA8FBi70E58 Amazing to see those yeasties go.
  16. panzerd18

    Pale Ale taste?

    Hi all, Just wondering what gives Pale Ale that distinctive taste. Such as Fat Yak or Coopers Pale Ale? Is it the hops used? If so what type of hops are commonly used in Pale Ales to give it that distinctive taste?
  17. panzerd18

    Complete Newbie with some easy questions

    Hi all, After wanting to get into homebrew for a long time, I finally bought a Coopers DIY kit to start with. I have a few basic questions. On the back of the Coopers Brew Enhancer 1 it says that the full 1kg of Brew Enhancer will yield approximately 4.2% alcohol per 23 litres. 500g will...