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  1. ForkBoy

    free beer! (bottles)

    Hi all, I have about 35 swing-top grolsch bottles, and a dozen or so 750 brown long necks, free to a good or otherwise home. Located in Thornleigh Sydney, near Hornsby. Clean of beer, but dusty from the garage for many years. No doubt swing-tops would need new seals. Cheers
  2. ForkBoy

    Sydney Weizen - Mash Ph

    Hi all, Brewing a 50% wheat / 50% pilsner weizen tomorrow. Keeping it simple with just a 67C mash (although I can step-mash) and WLP300. I brew with Sydney water and EZ_water_calc estimates the mash pH at 5.9, which seems high. Should I worry about adding some lactic acid to drop it down to...
  3. ForkBoy

    Coolroom Question

    Hi all, I have a small room (1.2mx1.8m) that I am thinking would make a great walk in cool room. It's fairly insulated as it's brick, but west facing (it's currently an outside dunny attached to the house). I know some have used air conditioners to create a cool-room, but how would I tell...
  4. ForkBoy

    My Latest Upgrade :)

    Hi all, Just wanted to show off my new 4000L SS fermentor! You'll notice the direct wort feeds from the roofline of the house, which I use as my giant cooling system... sweet! heh... well no, actually... When I purchase my house recently, on the contract was this large SS storage tank. The...
  5. ForkBoy

    Which Hops Do Well In Sydney?

    Hi all, I'm looking at planting a rhizome this year, and I'm wondering what a good choice is for the Sydney area (hornsby specifically). Looking for a flavour hop that does well in Sydney. I've searched a few threads, but haven't found anything specific - aside from POR occasionally...
  6. ForkBoy

    Belgian Yeast Advice

    I am planning my first (serious) foray into belgians. I plan on brewing a dubbel, and I know the key to the style is lots of fresh viable yeast to really get the final gravity down and avoid all the other problems of underpitching. To that end, I will pitch onto the yeast of a previous brew. I...
  7. ForkBoy

    Leffe Brune Recipe

    Hi, Wondering if anyone could offer a starting point for a belgian style brown ale like Leffe Brune - one of my favourite brews from my trip to Belgium last year (on tap!) found this after a quick google at what looks like a beer merchant - no idea how accurate it is: Pouring Instructions...
  8. ForkBoy

    Is Your Brewery A Lab Or A Kitchen?

    I thought it would be interesting to find out how people view and approach the art and science of home-brewing... so here's a poll Do you carefully plan your recipe's grain bill, hop schedule, salt additions, mash profiles well in advance? Do you have your procedures repeatable and recorded? Do...
  9. ForkBoy

    James Squire Ipa Recipe?

    Love the JS IPA, would like to make something similar. Has anyone had a go at cloning this or able to a suggested starting point for a recipe?
  10. ForkBoy

    Chest Freezer Busted?

    I have a chest freezer that seems to be struggling to drop the temperature. Ice only forms on one inner wall, the other walls are cool, but not cold. It is also enclosed in a cabinet, with about 80mm all round clearance for ventilation and the rear of the enclosure is fully open. It's loaded...
  11. ForkBoy

    Yeast Starter Article

    Stumbled across this article - sums up the topic of starters quite nicely http://www.maltosefalcons.com/tech/MB_Rain...t_Culturing.php
  12. ForkBoy

    Wlp023 Burton Ale - Sourness?

    Just kegged a batch of an ESB fermented with WLP023. It is a regular brew of mine, but first time using this yeast. It's turned out to have a slight sour aftertaste (sides of the tounge). Is this a trait of this yeast or an infection? Another brewer took a sample of the yeast (I split vials...
  13. ForkBoy

    Wheat Yeast Question - Banana Wanted!

    Hi, Planning a basic weizen with WLP300 and grist of 50% Wheat / 50% pils. The yeast was taken from the slurry of a previous batch (another brewers), but the banana profile was low to non-existent in the finished beer - it was fermented at 18C pitching a full vial. I want to raise the banana...
  14. ForkBoy

    Water Filtering

    Hi all, I'm trying to eliminate a kind of harsh/bitter/medicinal flavour that has appeared in all my all grain and partial brews so far. Pretty sure I've got the mash pH, and temperatures sorted so I don't think it's tannins. I've pitched with healthy yeasts (straight from the White Labs...
  15. ForkBoy

    Immersion Heaters

    Anyone had any experience with the immersion heater elements that a few of the HSB stores sell? Are they suitable/safe for boiling the wort to a rolling boil in a 25L pail, or do they end up burning the malt and messing with the taste of the brew?
  16. ForkBoy

    Secondary Fermentation

    Hi All, I have a batch that has been in primary for 3.5 days now. For the first 2.75 days, fermentation was humming along very well, bubbling about once every 10-15 seconds. Now virtually all activity has stopped with the hydrometer reading 1.020 (OG 1.042). It's target gravity should be about...