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  1. the_fuzz

    Want To Block A Drain

    Hey Guys, I got my hands on an old boiler - 70ltrs electric to be precise No, it has a tap fitted, which is "shit house" and I want to install a Beer Belly hopscreen. Now, the issue I have is the existing tap is fed from a little thing that sits in the middle of the boiler and has 3 holes in...
  2. the_fuzz

    3638 Temp Question

    Hey guys, Getting married on Saturday, so with the misses running around trying to sort stuff out, I've got Thursday and Friday just for brewing B) Was going to put down Les's Schneider Weisse-style, however I have never made a wheat before? I've got a pack of 3638 which I'm about to break...
  3. the_fuzz

    I Am Now A Man

    Morning lads, I just had to share my news, that I'm now a man, I just cracked my own grain with my own mill for the first time and good it feels very manly - so now the 80 odd Kgs of uncracked grain that I have been accumulating will be put to use :icon_cheers:
  4. the_fuzz

    Metal Fabrication

    Hey Guys, Thought I might pose the question here - does anyone have any idea on a rough cost to get a hopper fabricated from S/S? I have a monster mill and currently use a wooden hopper - was thinking about getting a S/S one fabricated?
  5. the_fuzz


    Hey Guys, I have noticed ALOT of people on here appear to also be OCAU members - What is the go with Home Brew attracting "PC Geeks" as such?
  6. the_fuzz

    Mill Help - Tarnish

    ok, I was putting my mill rig together (Based on a Monster Mill 2) and when I got the mill out of the box, there was a little surface rust on it. It has been sitting next to my fish tank and most likely got a couple of splashes when cleaning the tank. So anyway, I used some rust removal stuff...
  7. the_fuzz

    Water Profiles

    Hey Guys, I just got my local water report (Prospect North) and everything is in ?/L - when looking in "how to brew" they do everything in PPM - is there a simple calculation to change x/ml to PPM? Or does anyone else use the same water as me and add stuff - if so what do you add as a standard...
  8. the_fuzz

    Urgent: Tap

    Hey All, Well my plastic bucket of death has "kicked the bucket" sort of. My tap has fallen to pieces and I need to replace ASAP. Now, this seems simple, except I am using one of the old "bucket" type coopers fermenter as my kettle. So, does anyone know someone in Sydney I could get one of...
  9. the_fuzz

    Pid Questions

    Hi Guys, Looking to buy http://tinyurl.com/6nrk33 and use it to heat up my mash water using a kettle element. A) Due to the ways these things work, would they be better (read more accurate) then the mashmaster controller? B) Have I made a massive mistake and obviously have not understood...
  10. the_fuzz

    Liquid Yeast In Sydney

    Hey guys, I was hoping to get some liquid yeast (pref white labs WPL001) ASAP, anyone know any HBS's in Sydney that stock liquid yeast?
  11. the_fuzz

    Fermentation Fridge - To Cold

    Morning Boys, When I got my Fridgemate in about October last year, I thought all my brewing/fermentation problems where over and that nothing could stop me. Fast forward to now. I put down a "skunk Fart ale" on Saturday and it has been sitting in the fermentation fridge - however, the inside...
  12. the_fuzz

    Wanted: Grain Mill

    Hey Guys, Anyone got an old mill :blink: lying around that they want to sell. With everyone upgrading to the millmaster, I thought some might be looking to sell their old mill? :ph34r:
  13. the_fuzz

    Malt Shovel - Mad Brewers Rarsberry Wheat

    Hey Guys, The old man dropped a couple of these off at my house last night and so they went straight into the freezer and then the glass. Well, Im very disapointed, very tart and tastes just like watered down Ribina, for something that is a limited edition, very disapointed I cannot taste any...
  14. the_fuzz

    Ginger In A Jar

    Hey guys, Just need some advice re: ginger is a jar. I put down a ginger beer 2 weeks ago and was about to rack into a secondary and CC - I thought about adding some more ginger to the 2ndry and just grabbed a jar of fresh ginger - my question is, can I just chuck it straight into the 2ndry as...
  15. the_fuzz

    Yeast Washing Question

    Ok, So I had a go at yeast washing and it appears to have been a success - I have 3 75ml vials of crystal clear sterile water and a nice layer of yeast on the bottom - the question is this - what do I do with the washed yeast? Basically, do I have to create a starter? Or can I let it warm up a...
  16. the_fuzz

    Thanks To All

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to thank everyone on AHB who has helped me over the past 12 months. 12 months ago I was given a MSB HB kit - Made my first batch and it tasted like shit :o I think it brewed at about 28c. I then found AHB and started to read, read, read and read some more. My HB...
  17. the_fuzz

    Etc-300 Temp Controller

    Hey Guys, I wish i had bought a fridge mate but i was given one of these and I am looking to install today. The Fridgemate is the STC-200 and I think this is actually made by the same company but a higher model? However, the instructions are in black and white and me being a novice - I was...
  18. the_fuzz

    Chimay Blue Magnum

    Hi Guys, I saw that Northmead Cellars or www.worldbeers.com.au is selling Magnum's of Chimay Blue for $130.00 Does anyone know how this beer ages? as I was going to get one and put it in the bar as a display item.
  19. the_fuzz

    Manifold Advice - Version 2

    Ok, I have put my manifold together using 3/4" piping reducing to a 1/2" ball valve, see below So I cut my hooker's ends off and now I can't get the bloody braid over the ends of the pipe? So I went out and got 2 3/4" to 1/2" reducers to see if that would help - see below But still no...
  20. the_fuzz

    Boil Half The Wort

    I search around and couldn't find any answers, I have a 33L mash tun, but my current boiler is only 20L. I have been doing 11.5L batches and utilising my old MSB fermenter. I was thinking last night, why couldn't I mash for a 23L batch but only boil 1/2 of it and refridgerate the rest? To me...