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    Gas quick disconnect to disconnect joiner?

    Hi Apologies if this is a silly question but I just wanted to know if anyone uses a double ended joiner (if they exist) to connect gas lines. I don't like having to unscrew the line at the regulator and I am not a fan of manifolds. I just want to plug my beer gun in to my gas line every now and...
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    Pressure Ferment: Cloudy

    Hi, Just finished my second pressure ferment of an approximate APA and kegged today. The first came out cloudy and so did the second. Tastes good and tastes pretty much the same as the same recipe/brew carbonated in kegs, fermented without pressure. No big issue, just wondering if this is common...
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    Tri Clover seals?

    Hi, been using my kegmentor as a fermenting vessel for a while with no problems. Trying my first pressure ferment and the pressure keeps dropping. No leaks in the Spunding set up. I am having trouble getting a seal with the lid on the fermentor using the tri clover clamp. Is the clamp meant to...
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    Not new but new.....

    Hi all. Been watching the forums for a while so thought I better say thanks. Drinking my first all grain (BIAB APA) and it's delicious. Did kits years ago and was going to go the 3 vessel route but kids, work, etc. meant other things took priority. Anyway, via the forums here I found out as...