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    Crown Reserve - Herald Sun Article

    Interesting... "...created from rare Galaxy hops" :lol: :lol: :lol: triple lol for that one. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/...x-1226508662314 And a trick. If you want to read News Limited articles without buying their digital pass just navigate to the article, select the whole...
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    Things Looking Up In The 'rat

    Looks promising: http://craftypint.com/news/post/from-little-things/ Still can't shake that Carlton Draught tap though!
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    Need Some American Ale Yeast - Ballarat

    G'day Ballarat Brewers, A small favour to ask. Has anyone in Ballarat got a spare pack of US-05 laying around? I'm keen to get an IPA fermenting ASAP (as in this weekend) and the LHBS doesn't have any left :o I will buy it from you, swap you for something or whatever. Even a cup of slurry...
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    Ballarat Bitter On Tap This Week (in Ballarat)

    From today's Ballarat Courier. Might be worth a taste for the novelty factor or is it just Carlton Draught in disguise?
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    High Gravity Biab In A Big Pot

    Hi all, I have read plenty about handling high gravity BIAB's in pots that are smallish (eg. 40lt urn) but haven't found much about brewing high gravity if the pot is not the limitation. I have a 100 litre pot and am looking to brew something like the Belgian Dark Strong Ale from Brewing...
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    Hargreaves Hill Hefeweizen Yeast

    I like this beer. Would there be any reason why I couldn't harvest the yeast from the bottle so that I could brew up something similar? This is bottle conditioned and there seems to be a nice layer in the bottom of the bottle each time I empty one.
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    Kitchen Aid Mixers

    Hi all, I've been lurking around here for a while now and for my first post thought that someone could help me with advice on this. I've learnt so much from this forum so thanks all. The wife would like one of those Kitchen Aid mixers for Christmas. I know they're very expensive for what they...