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  1. kezza

    stainless 1/2in bsp fittings

    doing a clean out and i have a heap of s/s fittings im wanting to get rid of all items are s/s 316 and the ball valves are 316 s/s 2pce ball valves $14 ea elbows $3.50 ea m/f elbows $4 ea tee's $4.50 ea weld on 1/2 sockets $3.50 ea...
  2. kezza

    beer font and tap (brisbane)

    im clearing out my shed so keep an eye out for more first up is a chromed brass beer font and stout aerator tap with creamer in good condition im not a stout drinker but i have used it for rum and coke on tap and it works great looking for around $150
  3. kezza

    april meeting

    this saturday the 5th of april is set for this months meeting as usual we will have various brew rigs on the go with snags and beer tastings for lunch
  4. kezza

    BnC march meeting

    Brew club meeting this saturday at 1030am sorry for the late notice i have been crook
  5. kezza

    February meeting 1/2/14

    Just letting you all know with enough time so you can plan to be there is the bubbles n Chalk meeting at BnC hq will be as usual held the first weekend of the month and this is 1-2-14 Saturday , food and beer on hand but still work off the rule of bring something to try . Tiny is serving up some...
  6. kezza

    free fridge bris

    I have my old fermenting fridge up for grabs fits 2 fermenters needs a new seal if youu are worried about it free to good home Pick up mansfield bris Its aprox 350lt
  7. kezza

    brisbane co2 extinguishers

    i have some 3.5kg & 5kg co2 extinguishers for sale or swap they are all full and never used but are out of test date and still have the dip tube in them Im looking for $60 for the 3.5 & $100 for th 5kg at the moment i have 3 of each They are pick up only south side of bris and im open to offers...
  8. kezza

    stolen car please keep a look out in brisbane

    not the happiest chappy this morning woke up to find the back door open keys gone and wifes car gone. So if you brissy guys could keep a look out for a dark blue mitsubishi lancer 2006 mod rego 004jpo please contact me via pm. Dont worry plates have been reported and cancelled so if we get it...
  9. kezza

    what yeast for a super high gravity beer

    hey guy's a mate and i are planning a brew to make a super high gravity super hoppy beer along the lines of a barley wine but stronger. it will be a 50l batch 37.5kg grist and nearly 500g of hops but we are yet to decide on what yeast could handle it. the recipe we have designed will weigh in at...
  10. kezza

    Fs Brand New 25l Cubes

    i have 5 x 25l cubes for sale these are brand new never used Asking $15 ea or take all 5 for $60 and a bottle of your finest Pick only mansfield bris Contact via pm
  11. kezza

    Perlicks Leaking Gas

    gday guys I have some perlick 525s and have noticed that when i empty a keg they dont seal but they will seal when there is beer in the line. ive tried pushing the tap handle all the way back and it seals but whrn you let it go it will leak any ideas? Ive tried new seals but still no good.
  12. kezza

    Keg Posts

    gday i picked up this lil beauty a couple of weekends ago for $50 but it has got some weird swagelok fittings on it and i would rather put normal ball lock posts on. does any one know where i can get male threaded posts from
  13. kezza

    German Club Then To The Scratch This Afternoon 13/7/12

    Heading to the german club and on to the scrath if anyone keen to catch up for a brew or 3
  14. kezza

    Stainless Fermenters/ Conical

    hi all is there an upside/downside to using stainless fermenters. reason i ask is i have aquired 2 sheets of 304 stainless steel and i'm thinking of making a stainless conical fermenter around 100l cap, is 304 ok for this task or am i better of with 316. i have access to triclover fittings and...
  15. kezza

    Wtb 5l 10l Demijohns

    gday all im after some 5l and 10l demi's if anyone has some they want to part with let me know. i'd prefer local (brisbane) but will consider post aslong as they will be packed well cheers kezz
  16. kezza

    Biab #2 On The Biol

    hi all just put down my 2nd biab a hefe for the mrs weat beer 1 Weizen/Weissbier Recipe Specs Original GravityFinal GravityColour (SRM / EBC) BitternessAlcohol by Volume1.0581.0155.6 / 11.019.2 IBU 5.6% Brewhouse Specs Recipe TypeBatch SizeBoil TimeEfficiencyAll Grain23.0 Litres / 6.1...
  17. kezza

    My First Ag Biab Dunkleweizen

    hi all finally moved to BIAB AG my fist one is in the pot now a dunkleweizen 4kg dark wheat 1.5kg boh pils .5kg carawheat .2kg choc wheat its mashing at 65c using tett hops hope it turns out :icon_cheers:
  18. kezza

    Mytton Rd Keg Seals

    does anyone know where to get mytton rd keg seal from ive tried a few but they say they only do corny seals i need 4 sets cheers kezz
  19. kezza

    Mangrove Jacks Blonde

    hi all i have a can of mangrove jacks blonde and a kg of dex, has anyone steeped grains and or added hops to change/make better flavours or colour if so any recomendations as im looking at going something different with this can of goo. cheers kezz
  20. kezza

    Ball Lock Vs Pin Lock Kegs

    gday all long time looker first time poster im looking in to getting a couple of kegs and i was wondering the pros and cons of ball lock vs pin lock kegs. ive been brewing for a couple of months now and im sick of bottling already. your coments please kezz