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    The Beer You've Most Enjoyed

    There's a thread currently running about who prefers which beer over what beer, and how bad is such and such commercial crap and how good is this particular brew. I was thinking that 'when' and 'where' you actually knock one back has a definate effect on your opinion as to the 'best beer'. So...
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    Aerating Your Wort

    I bought a handgun style gizmo for the garden hose recently. It has to be the best thing ever for cleaning out your equipment. Really high pressure narrow jet for removing those stuck on bits and pieces and cleaning bottles and a fine spray for rinsing all the gear. But does it ever aerate your...
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    "head Master" Beer Glasses

    Is there anyone else out there that is as pissed off as I am re the proliferation of these tricked up schooner glasses used in pubs these days? They go by the name of Head Meister or similar. There are a few makes about. They appear to have had the bottom of the glass scoured to promote what...
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    Bruheat Boiler

    People, I'm a newcomer to the site - looks like a valuable source of info. You guys seem to have your finger on the pulse, so, hopefully, someone can help me out here. Years ago, I bought a Bruheat boiler/Masher in the UK. It was (and still is) made by Ritchie Products. Unfortunately, the...