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    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

    that would be awesome to win . Fingers crossed
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    priming cider

    so the ciders came out great .good amount of bubbles
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    priming cider

    so bottled my cider today I used 7 grams of sugar in the 750ml pet bottles. the temp was about 18-20 when bottling . hope it goes well now I have to just wait for a couple of weeks
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    priming cider

    hi I'm just about to bottle some cider. last time I made it I used the carbonation drops I used two . I was just going to use sugar this time so I didn't need to buy the drops. Last time it was not bubbly enough how much sugar do people recommend for 750 ml pet bottles I like it very carbonated...
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    RecipeDB - Powderkeg GB

    hi everyone. I put a batch of this down and it's about ready to bottle. Just a quick question when I normally bottle I use the tap at the bottom. Will this get blocked should I syphon it from the top . Should I stir all the ginger to get it in the bottles. Thanks