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    Grain Suppliers In Sydney

    Hi guys, I've been out of the game for a couple of years and finally decided to get back into brewing (my wife threatening to throw out my stockpile of empties helped...) Anyway, I notice a few shops have come and gone, so who are good AG suppliers in Sydney? Thanks, Wreck.
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    Home Brew Kills 25 Indians mmmm, methyl-alcohol Wreck.
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    Whirlfloc In Wheat Beer?

    I asked the question once before on a tangent to another thread, but I think it got lost with the main topic. Would I be right in saying not to worry about using whirlfloc in a wheat beer, since it's supposed to be cloudy anyway? Thanks, Wreck.
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    Small Batches

    I've seen a few guys mention they were going to do a small batch to experiment with. Do you use a normal sized fermenter (eg 30L)? Would having that much headspace be a problem? I'm thinking along the lines of a 10-15L batch. Thanks, Wreck.
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    Has anyone used Carafa? I'm curious what it's like and how it compares to choc or black malt? Thanks, Wreck.
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    Word Of Advice?

    Did a partial mash a week ago, and everything went prety smoothly for once, or so I thought. Last night, went to move my esky and thought, that's a bit heavy. Opened it up, and I had forgot to empty it out. I've had vomits not smell that bad. Really enjoyed cleaning that out last night. Wreck.
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    How Much Lactose?

    How much lactose would you put in a sweet stout? I was thinking along the lines of 250g for a batch around 20 litres. Thanks, Wreck.
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    Decoction Mash

    I've seen a few references here and there to decoction mashing. I think I get the procedure, but what are the benefits for it. Is it just for certain grains or styles? What does it do to the final outcome? Thanks, Wreck.
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    Bitterness Vs Sweetness

    Just wondering if there's some method of calculating the sweetness/bitterness balance. I know how to calculate the IBUs and the OG I'm expecting, but not sure how they go together. For example, if I throw in 25 IBUs of hops into a wort with an OG of 1050, that would have more of an effect than...
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    Estimating Fg

    Hi, When you are trying to work out your final gravity, how do you factor in the fermentability of your ingredients? To work out the OG, I've been using the PPG values from the BYO site, and that's been reasonably accurate. Using the attenuation for the yeast, I should be able to work out what...
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    Colour Calculations

    Hi guys, I've found a fair bit of info on calculating OG and hop bitterness, but haven't found much on how to estimate the colour of your brew. Is there a formula, or do you just guess? (which is what I have been doing) Thanks.
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    Which Grain?

    After looking at the Beer Periodic table, I was wondering if there is a listing somewhere of which grains are used for each style? Just looking for a rough guide for recipe ideas. Has anyone seen something like that? Thanks, Wreck.
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    Hop Storage

    How long can you store hops pellets for? I've had some in an air tight bag sitting in the freezer for a couple of weeks, but wondering what long term impact there might be. Thanks, Wreck.