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    Our New Tap Top

    I know there is a topic covering labels etc, but this tap top is far too good to be lumbered in with that lot!;) This is an original Franko, not a cheap Chinese copy. Once again I have reminded Frank that he should quit his job & actually coin up on his obvious talent! This tap top will be...
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    Paddy's Challenge 2nd Edition

    We are looking at running this comp again with a few changes, one of those being the winner will be pouring a couple of kegs of his brew at the paddys Beer Festival in October. Any suggestions?
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    Crash Test Dummy Required

    OK I am about to crack a very Limited Edition Summer seasonal, the only thing missing is a crash test dummy or two to turn up around lunch time tomorrow & try a couple. If you are in the area Friday arvo drop in between 11am & 1 pm. If you get there early you can try the Pale Ale before & after...
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    New South Coast Brewery (nsw)

    For those that are wandering through the Shoalhaven check these guys out They have a Pale Ale & a Porter in longnecks & stubbies. There could be a keg on in the cellar door too. Cheers Gerard
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    Brewers Market Festival

    Welcome to the inaugural Brewer's Market Festival . Saturday October 10th "The man that pours the beer is the man that brewed the beer!" The Brewer's Market Festival is all about beer & brewers. Participating Breweries St.Peters Brewery Murray's Brewery Potters Brewery...
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    The Riverview Hotel Balmain,sydney.

    There has been a renovation since AHB's Balmain pub crawl, & it was long overdue. This is now one of the better pubs on the Balmain peninsular. Great food & the beer menu is impressive including Fat Yak, Little Creatures Bright Ale, White Rabbit & Coopers Pale Ale. Look out for their upcoming...
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    Paddy's Brewery Tasting Night

    There are plenty of annoying, pointless chain emails in cyberspace, but this is different, by simply following the instructions you & your friends will end up drinking beer! Paddy's Brewery at The Markets Hotel Flemington (Sydney) is opening up its taps for a tasting evening and we would love...
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    Paddys Tasting Session July 25th

    Paddy's Brewery at The Markets Hotel Flemington (Sydney) is opening up its taps for a tasting evening and we would love to see you there. On tap will be a fresh batch of the Gold Medal winning Czech Pilzner, with our usual range of Pale, Wheat, Chocolate Porter, India Pale Ale, Unleaded, along...
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    Sydney Winter Festival

    Played golf last Tuesday with one of the owners of The Banjo Patterson pub, home to the new micro installed by Chuck Hahn & his mob. They were telling me there will be samples of their Pale Ale at the Sydney Winter Festival It didn't get a mention on the...
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    Joe White Sack Race

    This is why all grain brewing is better than the can of goop. Cheers Gerard
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    2nd Hand Stainless Tanks

    These could suit those that have wanted to upgrade their brewing bling Cheers Gerard
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    Belgian Type Beer Cafe In Balmain

    I stumbled upon one of those franchise type Belgian Beer Cafes down the East Balmain end of Darling Street this arvo. The have taken over an old pub, not sure what is was previously called. From the outside it looked over priced & full of crap imports, it would be nice to be proved wrong. Cheers...
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    Stainless Conicals.....who Is Selling Them Locally

    I am looking for a stainless conical. THIS ITEM MUST BE MADE OF AISI 304, 316, or 316l STAINLESS STEEL (no cheap shit from China). Who has one or knows who is selling them? Yes I know I can get one from the USA but if there is one here already that is owing someone money then I am interested...
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    Paddy's Brewery Saturday Session May 2nd 2009

    G'day Brewer's Some of you may have heard that I am back brewing at Paddy's Brewery. It has been five years since I first started brewing at Paddy's Brewery & it is great to be back. Paddy's is one of the Sydney beer scenes best-kept secrets. Located in The Markets Hotel on Parramatta Road at...
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    Paddy's Brewery 2009

    I am back in Sydney, & back brewing at Paddys. At the moment there is Choc Porter, Pils,Wheat & Pale Ale on tap. I can be found most days in the brewery(not Weds arvos as that is golf time). This week I am brewing a double batch of Pale Ale & a double of Choc Porter. Next week there will be a...
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    Sydney Ahb Pub Crawl May 2009

    OK as I am about a week away from living in the greatest place on earth, I reckon we might need to organise a AHB Sydney pub crawl.........again. There are some new venues that need to be included & this could mean a boat trip. Any takers???? In no particular order The Local Tap House in...
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    Black & Amber

    I have already attempted to use the search function, so I will now need to ask a question. I am looking for some details off the "famous whiteboard" in Willie Simpsons book Black & Amber. If you have this book & can send me a PM it would be much appreciated. If there is a topic on here that...
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    Finally I Get To Mountain Goat For A Friday Session

    Last week I was in Sydney & not only missed out on getting to The Nags on Friday night, I knocked back an invite to bat at #5 in Matt Donelans cricket team on the Sunday :( . I have cashed in the brownie points & should make it to Mountain Goat this Friday for a 5pm kick-off. I reckon I can...
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    Mash Tun Taps

    About 6 years ago I decided to look for an alternative to the plastic flip-top type tap on my mash-tun. This afternoon I spent an hour looking for the top part of the tap which has dissappeared. I guess now is the time to start looking at the alternatives, so what is everybody else using ? Pics...
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    The Gabba - A National Disgrace!

    OK so it may have been a bit wet in the last week, but that is no excuse for the lack of grass coverage on the Gabba. What is it with these Queenslanders, Can't they grow grass?!? Where is the DBM1! Rant over Cheers Gerard