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    Cellarman changeover valves and various others. VIC

    Ok so I randomly aquired these peices that I have no use for. I have no idea what they are worth. So would appreciate if you know what they are worth and you can have it for half of that. The "Cellarman" by Andale change over valves. A couple of beer taps. Heaps of connections and tubes...
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    Vic Case Swap Equipment....ongoing..

    Droid I'm interested in pretty much everything you have posted! Let me know what I need to do haha
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    Vic 2017 Xmas in July Case Swap - TASTING

    haha yer that was my beer....... Im not even sure what SNPA tastes like but thats what the home brew shop guy said what I have should taste like. Its not a kit yeast. Once again complete recommendation of the home brew shop guy. Sorry I dont really brew beer and to this day is my only beer I...
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    [Brisbane-Southside] Misc Gear Moving Sale

    Woops ignore. For some reason I thought Victoria. Sorry
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    Vic Case Swap Equipment....ongoing..

    KK 3/4 BSP pump. I can get close to 45L a minute If I open it up completely.
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    Vic Case Swap Equipment....ongoing..

    Im interested to see where you go with this. Currently looking into heating about 400L of water at once in a RIMS type set up. Have done tests (500L) with dual RIMS running in series with interesting results. I plan on running four RIMS systems in a series using a pump in which I get about 20L...
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    Vic 2017 Xmas in July Case Swap - TASTING

    Cheers mate. I really have no idea in the beer world so i just fumbled along. Glad it wasnt to bad.
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    FS - My whole set up - Melbourne

    The under sink water filter with hose. Do you have a picture or a brand for reference
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    Vic 2017 Xmas in July Case Swap - TASTING

    Ok... beer 7. Tastes good. My kind of beer. A hint of smokyness and nicely bittered. I like it. Going to enjoy the rest in the shower. Goes down well after sport. Whoever made I'm jealous of your skills
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    Vic 2017 Xmas in July Case Swap - TASTING

    I think be honest dont know if its the type of beer that gets better with age. If say drink it haha
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    Vic 2017 Xmas in July Case Swap - TASTING

    I added mine to the description. I found a google doc I made when making this. So I found what I was going for. Sorry for the vagueness originally. 10. Shortybronx - Tried to replicate Sierra Nervada Pale Ale for my first all grain.... I think I missed the mark, but still I like it. Enjoy 7th...
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    Vic 2017 Xmas in July Case Swap

    Hey guys a bit late on the thanks but that night was awesome. Still recon im in recovery. To many awesome beers i just had to try them all 5 times. The dedication you guys have to your craft is insane.
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    Stainless work bench 1829 x 610 mm. $100

    Im interested. Just not sure i can get it from you in a suzuki swift
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    WTB: RIMS element and element housing

    Haha i already have that one. Haha looking to hook em up and speed up the process
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    WTB: RIMS element and element housing

    Just wondering if anyone has a RIMS system they wouldnt mind selling. Already have one, just looking to connect in a series to increase output. Happy to pay what its worth. Basically after the element and element housing.