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    Maintaining sanitation on commercially packaged dry yeast

    Picked up some dry yeast today from KK. It seems they break down bulk packs into individual vac sealed packets (website info in photo). Has anyone had any experience with these oversized sachets (be it US-05 or S-04)? I guess my concern is sanitation / possible contamination when they’re...
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    Hop Bill Help

    G’day... All set for a brew day tomorrow utilising hops in the freezer but having trouble making a decision! Hoping for some advice as I have plenty of mosaic, cascade, Sabro, centennial and ekuanot on hand. Was thinking of combining Mosaic, cascade and Sabro. Any thoughts?? 21 l Grain...
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    KegLand Series 4 Kegerator - looking for a review

    Hi all, Thinking of converting my current home built keezer to a fermentation chamber. I was wondering if anyone owns the latest KegLand Series 4? The setup I built runs Intertap ss taps, flexmaster beer/gas line, John guest connections, keg king cornys and a Harris Dual reg. Was thinking...
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    Sabro Hops

    So I’ve read all about Sabro, got excited about Sabro, emailed My LHBS, the hops came in and I got to experimenting I’ve finally tasted my first beer with Sabro and couldn’t be happier. What a great hop. While it carries enough complexity to carry itself alone in my opinion, I can’t wait to...
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    FS: 2x 25l glass demijohns (MEL) make offer

    Hello. Selling 2x 25l glass demijohns with baskets, airlocks and bungs. Bought for over $50 each new. Always soaked in PBW and starsan. Make reasonable offer and they're yours. Contact Garrett via text 0412 099 468 or PM
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    FS: 2x 25L Glass Demijohns with airlocks/bungs: Melbourne

    Hello, Just moved into a smaller place and my wife and I welcomed our 2nd child. Needless to say, space has become an issue. The missus has asked I get rid of some stuff to make room. I have to move 2x demijohns and will include the bungs/airlocks. 25l capacity with no cracks etc. Have put...