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    Pre and post OG puzzle

    Est pre boil gravity 1.051 Measured gravity 1.060 Est original gravity 1.057 Measures OG 1.050 What could have happened? 60 min boil Robobrew About 2.5-3lt boil off. Why and or how would the gravity drop 10 points??
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    How much smoked malt to add?

    Thinking of a dry smokey porter, but how much smoked malt should I use? Going to hop with fortnight if my guy has any left. Thoughts on that too?? Cheers
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    Is this a infection ?

    Brew all good put finings in two days ago and have this today when I go to bottle? Wtf is it a infection?
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    Cascade hops. What beer to brew?

    I will be getting some fresh cascade hops what beer should i make with them? Any recipes? Thanks
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    Robobrew profile for BeerSmith

    I have just hooked into beersmith and I though there was a profile for the robobrew but I can't find it. Has someone out there set a profile up for this yet? Can you please help me with it!! Thanks
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    FG question......

    So my question is that my fg is lower that what the intended fg is. App says 1.012-1.010 but it has come out real low 1.007 and I don't think it's finished yet. What does it mean?? Does it mean that it will be dry? S05 yeast smash pale og 1.042 What is the difference with the beer 1.012 and let...
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    2nd beer decision.

    Don't know what to do as a second all grain beer. Way to many choices, so I have 3 on the cards. First was a smash with nz hops fermenting away nicely. 2 beer..... Saison English bitter Or a all tassie malt and hop pale. (Would be making this recipe up) Any advice/recommendations/recipes I...
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    First all grain smash

    Just picked up my robo brew and this is my first all grain any suggestions? Have nelson sav hops at going for a nz style. I do have Amarillo possibly enough for this too. Should I dry hop? Any advice asap as I will be starting in a few hours.