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    Oil For March Pump : Source?

    Hi all I'm just getting back into brewing after a *cough* brief pause in brewery production. Dusted off the ol' March pump and thought I'd give it a bit of a once over. The maintenance guide states that with standard usage patterns it should be oiled with an SAE20 non-detergent type oil. Done...
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    Puratap Water Filter - Change Of Filter

    I just got a letter from puratap saying it's time to change the filters in our undersink setup. Before i book them to come out i was wondering if it's possible to do it myself. Pulling the unit out (it's one with two filter housings) i can tell already that filter replacements are how puratap...
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    Brian Hunt - Moonlight Brewing

    Found an interesting article (brief though) on Brian Hunt from moonlight brewing in California. I heard him on the brewing network last year and thought he was a really interesting guy with some pretty valid opinions - even though they were considered a bit against the grain. The article is a...
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    Adelaide's Finest On Show In Belgium

    My friends took this photo while in Brugge the other week. They found a tiny little brewery and were having a poke around and a sample when they saw this poster. They didn't mention which brewery they were in, but the photo is pretty hilarious none the less
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    Free Fridge For Giveaway

    I just drove past a fridge that is being given away for free on the side of the road. Kiekebusch Drive, Gulfview Heights. Right near the intersection with Wynn Vale Drive. It has a sign on it saying that it is working. ANyone need a keg fridge?
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    Sodium Percarbonate (pure) $4 Per Kg

    Hi everyone. I'm going to be buying a 25KG sack of Sodium Percarbonate for cleaning my brewing gear (amongst other things). Works out to just under $4 per KG ($96 for the bag). I'd want at least 10KG for myself, but I'm happy to get more than a single bag if there is enough interest. I'll be...
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    Adelaide Source Of Bulk Sodium Percarbonate

    Do any of you Adelaideaners know a good source for bulk sodium percarbonate?
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    Syphoning Question

    Hi guys, I am redesigning my brewery during my brewing downtime, and will be changing to a different mashtun. Due to some existing plumbing I'll be using a small diameter copper pipe (don't remember diameter) as a manifold, but this will be connecting via a reducer to a larger diameter pipe...
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    Soft Boil Brewery

    This is pretty interesting. In a commercial scale brewery, this company has designed a boil system where the wort is not actually boiled! The wort is kept just under boiling and agitated with a stirrer for sanitation, isomerisation, and protein coagulation. It is then pumped through a vacuum...
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    As a celebration for a great grade in my exam yesterday (Vmware Certification) I was looking for a bottle of something special to celebrate, and found a bottle of Unibroue's La Fringante. I vaguely remembered reading an article on it in BYO ages ago, and it interested me, so I ignored the $22...
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    Fast Brews

    If you are ever in the situation where you need a brew to be a quick turnaround (eg. you have a party in 2 weeks time) and you've got nothing in the pipeline, try some of these recipes from the Brewboard FAQ - Fast Brews Fast Brews from Brewboard Cheers Boots
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    Award Winning Reicipes

    A guy (going by the name bonjour) on the US Brewboard site, has compiled a list of brews that have won competitions in the US. Might be worth a look if you're looking for inspiration. I haven't gone through it in depth, but at face value it appears to be a pretty good resource. The link is not...
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    I Have Angered The Brew Gods

    My beer fridge is dead .... and it's all my fault.... :( I had an opportunity to brew on thursday but let it slide because when I woke up I wasn't felling 100% and was pretty tired. So i rescheduled for today (sunday). My insolence has obvioulsy come to the attention of the brew gods and...
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    Rice Hulls

    Hi everyone I've got today and tomorrow off, and will be brewing my first wheat beer, but I'm having trouble sourcing Rice Hulls. I've tried Grumpy's, Bill at Holden Hill Brewmaker / Goliath web, and a fodder store. The biggest lead I got was from the Fodder store, and the guy there said that...
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    Hop Plugs

    When I've used hop plugs, I've always broken up the plugs. When I haven't, it's taken ages for them to break up fully, and I've been worried this would affect utilisation, and aroma / flavour additions. When I break them up, i break them horizontally, and then "mince" them with a good knife as...
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    I Love Brewing

    I've been drinking a nice (allgrain) APA lately, which I was very happy with but keep finding myself thinking how it could be better with a bit of "this" and some more of "that". It was getting me down a bit that I kept thinking of how the beer could be better, rather than appreciating it for...
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    Poor Man's Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

    I have previously been using my picnic faucet at low pressure pouring into frozen bottles to fill bottles from my kegs. Then I read this and wondered why I didn't think of that ... Brewboard - CPBF alternative The bottling cane would solve my "froth out through the top once the bottle is...
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    Mountain Goat Coming To Adelaide

    From the Goat Army Newsletter: WOohoO
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    Northdown Hopped Ipa ?

    Hi everyone, After a late change in plans for my day off tomorrow, (longlong weekend) I'm going to be brewing :super: I have some Northdown plugs which I'd like to use, but wasn't sure what to use them in. My only restiction is that I only have Wyeast 1028 London Ale yeast. I was thinking...
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    SA AHB Xmas Case 2005

    I'm definitely in again. With the new additions, it may turn into a AHB Christmas Pallet :beer: There was a fantastic range of beers, and the more brewers = better diversity.