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    Ibu Forum

    Im one step ahead of you. The Mrs works for Bunnings!! :super: *Wonders if I could get a sponsor! :-)* Well my stock pile has lasted me 3 -4 months allready. Its starting to dwindle down quite quickly now. Damn festive period. Might have to put on a few quick ones to tide me through in the...
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    Ibu Forum

    Hey Guys. Im one of Pomo's friends from the Overclockers forum. Been brewing with goo for around 4 years or so now. last 6 months been doing partials. But lately thanks to buying a house and in the process of building a Garage my brewing has been someone nill. Luckily I had enough stocks to last...
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    What Age Are Ya

    24 here
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    What Would You Do...

    Ive done a few Real Lales and each time I do them even with the same fermentables. Same yeast, Simular Temps SOmetime they are darker and sometimes they are lighter.. Could be due to the age of the can
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    Birgalow Cider Kit

    I have done one of these kits before.. It makes a very nice tasting Cider. Especially after 1 to 2 months of aging. I really have to put another one of these down. All my friends and their wives love them and as soon as they are ready they are all drunk
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    Worlds Strongest Beer 25% Looks interesting. I wonder what it will taste like
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    If you want to get Coopers Brew Booster you will have to go to Coles, Kmart, Target or something. Woolworths dont stock their brew boosters anymore
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    Strawberry Blonde

    Thats the Coopers recipie that they have on their website.. I have done it before but with Orange Blossom Honey.. Turned out lovely.. The wierd honeys in the supermarkets is where all the health crap is..
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    A Few Jokes That I Head At The Club Last Night

    Did you hear that Victa is releasing a new lawn mower? Its called the Corby. It holds 4.5 kg of grass and has a 20 year warenty. :D Anthony Mundeen goes to the doctors and asks "I have this wierd problem everytime I look at myself at in the Mirror I get aroused" The doc replies "Yeah that...
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    Coopers Black'n'tan

    Ive done this but with no coffee, no grains and 1kg of DME. I still have some actually.. Its still quite bitter and is still very stouty. The lager kit I can hardly taste at all. If I was to do this again I would only use half the stout can..... Other than that its a very good drop.. Mine...
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    Beer Has Female Hormones

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    Esb 3kg Vs Tcb Wetpack Vs X-tract 3kg

    I have made an ESB 3kb Special Stout. WIth 20 L of water instead of 18. I just used Safale Yeast. This so far is the best Black I have made so far.
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    Removing "bits" From Brew

    I just bought an inline irrigation Filter that was talked about in a few older threads.. Haven't used it yet.. but it looks the good
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    How Much Would You Pay For A Home Brewing Mag

    pfft I have browsed and read the forums while on the shitter... Got to love wifi and a lappy!!.. As im fairly new to brewing I haven't had any brewing books... I would buy it for sure... $10 per issue would be fine... but if it is packed with articles instead of pages and pages of...
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    160-200 Litre Boiler

    small hot water tank??
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    Why Is There So Much Crap?

    The reference to it all tastes like crap. All depends on the person who is drinking it I suppose... Thanks to the average aussie Blocks pallet have never tasted a good beer before they think toheeys New vb ect.. tastes BLOODY good... So why should the Commercial Brewery's change there way for...
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    Chilli Taster

    Notes from an inexperienced Chili taster named FRANK, who was visiting Texasfrom the East Coast: "Recently I was honored to be selected as a judge at a chili cook-off. The original person called in sick at the last moment, and I happened to be standing there at the judge's table asking...
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    Ibu's Next Meeting?

    I would also like to know this..
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    Yeast Cake Questions

    From what I have heard is that the yeast in the secondary is the slow fermenting yeast.. could be wrong though....
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    OK, You're Here And You Brew, What Else Do You Do?

    Another IT guy here.... Look after Intel\Windows Based servers for a Company called CSC. I mainly deal with the Bluescope Steel account and BHP Billitons Illawarra Colleries Contracts