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    Queen Impersonator. Help.

    Hi guys, I need some photos of that queen impersonator. Im sure most of you know who Im talking about. I can picture the person in my head, but for the life of me, I cant think of the persons name. Does anyone here know? Thanks guys, Sean
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    Guinness Grain Composition

    I was having a look at the other day and had a look a guinness. I found this in the commercial description: Commercial Description: Available in cans, kegs and bottles with nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Pasteurised. Usually called Draught; sometimes called Cold or Extra Cold -...
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    Lager Yeasts, Much Difference?

    Hi, I have wyeast 2007 and it seems to do the job fine, but I was wondering if there is much difference in lager yeasts. I love the maltier kind of lagers so I was thinking about using the bavarian or munich lager yeast next time. But since I play around with my own yeast, I have enough for...
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    Paulaner Munich Lager

    Hi guys, Tried a Paulaner helles for the second time yesterday and its probably my favourite lager. Just wondering if any of you have tried it and could tell me what flavour hops they use because I dont recognise it. Also there is a toasted malty flavour to it, would this be achieved by...
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    My Helles Recipe?

    With my beer fridge soon to be empty of a fermenter, its time to brew another lager. I was thinking of a munich helles style and heres the recipe I came up with on beertools. Please tell me what you think and how to improve it. -3.5 kg LME (I have a bit lying around) -Specialty grains? Im not...
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    My Weizen Recipe?

    Hi guys just wondering if you can let me know what you think about the brew I put on a couple of days ago. Aiming for a nice weizen, something along the lines of weihenstephaner. Was going to put on an APA but they didnt have the right yeast, so weizen it is. 3kg Coopers Liquid Wheat Extract...
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    Approx. Cost To Go Ag

    Hi guys, With exams nearly over for the year, I will have a lot more time on my hands. I enjoy brewing and am getting a bit bored of kits and bits. I will be trying extract brewing soon, but I was thinking about maybe giving AG brewing a go. Can you guys give me a rough indication on how much a...
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    Grumpys Kilkenny Clone?

    Guys, Just wondering if any of you have ever tried grumpys kilkenny clone? I have been brewing kit recipes up till now and I wouldnt mind giving a extract brew a go. Heres the link if any of you want to comment about it: Cheers, Sean
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    Liquid Yeast Starter Not Going?

    Hi guys, Thought Id try a liquid yeast for my next brew. So last friday I made up a yeast starter as prescribed in Batzs thread. Now its Sunday morning and nothing is happening. I have no airlock, just the cap screwed on my 2l juice bottle so theres not going to be any bubbling obviously. But...
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    Kilkenny Clone For Kit/partial

    Guys, Just wondering if any of you have made a great kilkenny style beer? Ive tried twice with kits and havent really had much success either time. Ill probably be having a go at partial mashes over summer, so recipes for either kits or partials will be good to see. Heres what I brewed last...
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    G&g This Sat? (30th Oct)

    Gday guys, Just wondering if anyone will be heading down to Grain and Grape for a AG demo this saturday? I had hoped to go last time, but had a big one the night before and missed it. Ill try harder this time to make it. Sean
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    Closed Fermentation?

    Hi guys, I was chatting to an old guy the other day whos been brewing for years. He reckons he never uses an airlock with his brews. Instead, he just places a tea towel over the top and leaves it like that. Do any of you guys do this and what are the pros and cons of this? Sean
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    Boiling Kits?

    Hi guys, Been reading a bit about improving kits and a couple of people have recommended boiling the kit for 10 minutes before adding to the fermenter. Would you experienced guys say this is almost mandatory? I have yet to do this, but I reckon Ill give it a go for my next brew. Sean
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    Anyone Know Anything About Mead?

    Guys, Just wondering if anyone here has ever brewed, or even tasted a mead. I know they used to drink a lot of it in britain a few years back. And being fermented honey, it sounds ok, but in all the bottle shops I have ever been to, I have never seen a mead for sale. Just wondering what the go...
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    Munich Helles Recipe?

    Hi guys, just wondering if any of you know a good kit recipe for a helles style beer? Im a bit of a newbie, so what stuff would I want to add? Cheers, Sean
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    Drinkable, But Not Brilliant.

    Hi guys, Ive been brewing for about 6 months now and have done about 9 or so kit brews. While most of these have been decent enough, I have yet to make one that is as good as a commercial brew. Since I have been on here, I have read posts where guys say that they cant tell the difference...
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    Where To Find Great Beers On Tap?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if any of you know some pubs around Melbourne that have some nice beers on tap. The only type of pubs Ive been to that dont just have VB and Carlton on are English/Irish ones. Any recommendations? Cheers.