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    Queen Impersonator. Help.

    Thanks guys. Warren is right, it is connolly. I just googled him. I think I remember hearing about that incident you mentioned. haha, would have been great to be there.
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    Queen Impersonator. Help.

    Hi guys, I need some photos of that queen impersonator. Im sure most of you know who Im talking about. I can picture the person in my head, but for the life of me, I cant think of the persons name. Does anyone here know? Thanks guys, Sean
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    Home Brew Kills 25 Indians

    Maybe someone should tell them that ethanol is much better. And tannery waste, Im getting thirsty just thinking about it.
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    My First Belgian Wit; Question?

    Ive had a go at making a wit using extract. It came out pretty good. It wasnt the right colour and it was a bit clear, but it tasted pretty good. The yeast makes a big difference. Now I have my mash setup nearly done, I will be attempting a full mash wit.
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    The Best Brewing Books?

    I reckon the Papazian one is great. Good for beginners and mashers.
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    Sapporo Clone

    I reckon Sapporo isnt a bad drop. Not the most interesting beer out there, but pretty easy to drink. I reckon Kungys recipe could be a goer.
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    Building A Mash/lauter Tun

    This is what Ive used. Im still scrounging around for last few bits, but the Zapap tun should do the trick. I think I used 3mm holes. And Steve, thanks for the tip about deburring, I was a bit worried about bits breaking off and ending up in the boil but meh. :D
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    Free Beer Fridges

    Hmm, Ill be checking that out next time I go looking for a fridge.
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    Hoegaarden Experts Help Me Please!

    According to Michael Jackson, Hoegaarden is 50% Pils, 45% Unmalted wheat and 5% Oats. Im yet to brew this yet, but I reckon itd be very nice. Dont forget the coriander and orange peel.
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    American Looking For A Vb Or Tooheys Clone Recipie

    Id definitely recommend using sugar. Im sure CUB does. I wouldve thought that VB was more bitter than 20 IBU, but Im not expert. Id say POR for bittering and maybe a little cluster for flavour.
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    First Wheat Recipe

    My favourite wheat slugger is Weihenstephaner Hefe. Any of Paulaner, Franzikaner, Schneider arent too bad as well. Even the Australian Redback isnt too bad and its easy to find.
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    Airport Security (nsfw)

    Id be great to get your hands on one of those.
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    What's A Good Book?

    I have to recommend Charlie Papazians Complete Joy of Homebrewing. It gives you some basic info and some more complex reading on all grain. And its only about 25 bucks. I refer to it every now and again when i forget something.
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    Frozen Yeast?

    I kinda froze a smack pack one day. It wasnt frozen solid, but parts of it were. The yeast started up fine.
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    German Beer

    Are you a fan of wheats? Ive never tried a dunkelweizen, but I love the lighter coloured ones. They ferment well at about 20 degrees or so.
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    Guinness Grain Composition

    Well the yeast is no worries, as I have Wyeast 1084. :D
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    Guinness Grain Composition

    I actually got to go to Ireland when I was 16. I wasnt brewing at that stage and didnt really have much of an appreciation of beer. So instead of Guinness, I drank Bud. I shudder at my missed opportunity now.
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    Anyone Had A Shag?

    Ive never even heard of it. The name doesnt make it sound too appealing though.
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    Guinness Grain Composition

    I dont think Ive tried oatmeal stout. My mate reckons the Emersons one is really good. Perhaps I just need to try a few more. I remember last year when me and my mate tried about 150 beers, a few of those were stouts, but the only one I liked was Guinness. I couldnt stand the Coopers Extra...
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    Guinness Grain Composition

    That would be me. :D Guinness is really the only stout Ive ever really liked. Ive always been a bit hesitant about brewing these, because Im afraid Ill make something I hate. But I reckon Guinness is good stuff.