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    Empire Lager?

    CUB had put on free Empire at a gig I played with the band last week - the Xpress birthday party at the Office with Little Birdy and us. Wasn't a bad do. However, Empire was shithouse. $6.50 a stubby (admittedly club prices, but still) and it tastes to me like they have re-bottled Carlton...
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    Boags Honey Porter

    The best seasonal I've had is Squire Colonial Wheat. That was an *amazing* beer. I've got a 4-pack of Boags Honey Porter in the fridge so should be tasting it tonite (with some luck, hope my ball and chain don't give me hass). I'll need it too, my car is giving me grief!! A set of new thermostat...
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    Perth Brewers Look Here

    Hey gang! Sounds great. Good idea moving it from the other weekend - we're gigging in Northam that Friday and I think it would have been a bastard :) But yeah, if you're keen to make it an all-Freo weekend, Dyslexic Fish (see off topic forum :) ) and Mr Sandman are playing at Mojo's Bar on Queen...
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    Commercial 'bock' Varieties?

    Yeah, I found out recently that to brew a bock you need a bottom fermenting lager yeast - a bock is a dark lager, not an ale. So you might want to check with ESB, and see what the story was. But still, if it tastes good then it's all good I guess, just not technically correct. Awesome. B) Vinds.
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    Dyslexic Fish

    Yeah, we've got like.... 4 or 5 gigs in September on the cards at the moment. I'll get some details from our manager and get back to ya :)
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    Dyslexic Fish

    Great!! Perth is depressingly small - our manager also manages Civilised, so we're playing some shows with them, as you can see. The White Sands is, I think, near the intersection of Scarborough Beach Rd and WestCoast Hwy. I could be wrong, it's very early, the sun is out, why oh why do graphic...
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    Dyslexic Fish

    Hey all, Just starting a little thread here to promote a local funk/rock band that I play with here in Perth, Dyslexic Fish. We released a debut album this year, called Mission: Inappropriate that is distributed on MGM. You can hear some song samples on ( go here...
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    little creatures pale ale

    Off topic a little, but i seriously can not understand what all the hoo-ha about LCPA is. I have drunk quite a bit of it in my time, being a Perth native, but I have to say that for the money that it costs it is an amazingly uninspiriing and over rated beer. Rogers even more so. Don't get me...
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    I Return...

    Well now, interesting. I collected the chilli beers from my parents' house, where they have been aging happily for about 6 months now. My fruit Blonde still tastes like cat's piss, but that was a lost cause anyway. However, the chilli ale that I had chilling at a friend's house (for 6 months...
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    I Return...

    Alright Kook, I'll collect the beers today. They are at my parent's house, so I've not seen them or been there for a while! :) I'll let you know. If anyone else in Perth is game then feel free to PM me or post a reply. Laters!! Vindaloo.
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    I Return...

    Yeah, you've gotta be careful with that :) I recently discovered a whole lot of chilli ale that has been conditioning for around 6 months. I'm scared to open it. It's going to kill me, I swear. I have a friend who really likes it though. Crazy. I've got 4 or 5 1.25L bottles left, if anyone in...
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    I Return...

    Hey all!! I'm back and brewing after a 6 month (or so) break. I've just bottled a Muntons Bock with some choc malt grain steeped in for some tasty pleasure and there's a Morgan's Wheat bubbling away as well. I'm keen to start all-grain brewing and other crazy projects so yeah, I'd just like to...
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    Chilli Beer

    Yep :) I use medium sized chillies in 600ml PET bottles. If you leave them for a good period you'll get killed when you drink em! Whee! heh. V.
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    The Great Lambic Experiment

    COol, cheers dude. I'll have a look.
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    The Great Lambic Experiment

    Cools - Westbrew it is. It's on the way to my girlfriend's house :) V.
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    The Great Lambic Experiment

    Cheers for the tip Kook. Any ideas where I could get a 5L demijohn?
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    Ozrat pis-Syd week-end

    Sticky! Keep us posted guys :) Vinds.
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    The Great Lambic Experiment

    Thanks for the responses guys. I realise that the chance of me brewing anything remotely drinkable is a very small one, but that's ok. As some of you may know (through exploits on other websites etc) I like to push the envelope a bit, and do different things to what the norm dictates. Besides...
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    The Great Lambic Experiment

    Ok, I've decided that it's time to give lambic style brewing a go - and hey, if there are good wild yeasts in Belgium, then there's gotta be some more somewhere! So. How do people think I should go about this experiment? I was thinking, prepare the wort as per usual, and then try different...
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    Keg tips

    A mere padlock isn't going to stop me coming round your house with a ute and 4 guys to carry that fridge off your porch! hehehe.... I know where you live! Actually I don't remember the exact address but I'm sure I could find it. :) Vinds.