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    Beer For Kegerator

    Yep he wants beer in the kegs. Anybody know a bottleshop in melbourne that sells them?
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    Beer For Kegerator

    My brother bought a kegerator and is eager to start using it. We'll be making some homebrew to put into it, but until then he wants to know where he can buy CUB/Tooheys kegs. I assume he needs to go to a pub.
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    Need A Plumber - Melbourne

    I can't find a plumber who wants to hook up my natural gas burners to the mains. Can anybody recommend somebody who can help me out? I'm in Melbourne, eastern suburbs.
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    Natural Gas Burner

    Awesome :) Nice googling.
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    Natural Gas Burner

    Anybody know where in Melbourne I can get a natural gas burner that will run off mains gas? -Stratis
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    Beer And Bowel Cancer

    As far as I know no brewery uses preservatives. Could be wrong though. Red meat and a diet high in saturated fats is strongly linked to bowel cancer, according to the FDA in the US.
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    Ball Valve And March Pump Connections

    I'm in the middle of building my new system. Should be able to make about 140 litre batches when I'm done. Just got a march pump and installed some 1/2 inch ball valves on my new HLT, mash/lauter tun and kettle. I've also got some 19mm tubing. What's the best way to connect the 19mm tubing to...
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    A Beer For Schapelle

    Don't get me wrong - I still feel very sorry for her...BUT You have to admit though if it were me (a 23 year old male of mediterranean ancestory) in her situation I can guarantee you that I wouldn't generate the same amount of sympathy as a pretty young anglo woman. Just a thought.
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    What are you listening to

    I'm into Muse at the moment. I bought the Absolution album two weeks ago and haven't taken it out of my car's CD player (partly due to laziness).
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    1272 Or 1056 For An Apa

    I did a split batch once for an APA. The 1272 is a bit more estery and malty. If you want a nice clean APA which accentuates hops then go with the 1056.
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    Gunn Island Brew Pub, Middle Park

    Bell's is better but you guys are being a bit harsh. The IPA is quite good. The ESB (forgot what they call it) is also nice. The lager is not too impressive but not a bad drop.
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    160-200 Litre Boiler

    Thanks for the suggestion fellas.
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    160-200 Litre Boiler

    Anbyody know where I can get a 150-200 litre boiler (any metal)?
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    Batch Sparging And Efficiency

    I only get about 65% with batch sparging which I'm happy with. I might get higher wih fly sparging (depending on my method) but I prefer the simplicity and time saved with batch sparging.
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    Brewpubs In Melbourne?

    There have been a few threads on this so a search should help you. Basically the best place in the CBD is the Portland Hotel. It's a brewpub which also has the entire James Squire range on tap. Another 2 brewpubs in the CBD are St Arnou and Three Degrees. In Richmond you've got the Great...
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    Another supplier:
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    I got mine shipped from They're in Queensland. From what I remember that was the only place I could find it. I've found my auto syphon to be very handy.
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    Is Liquid Yeast Worth It"really"

    The advantage of liquid is that there is more choice. Most strains can't survive the drying process. However, many here seem to think liquid is better because it's liquid - this is wrong. Dry is actually the more convenient form for most brewers because of the very high cell count per pack.
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    What Else Do You Drink?

    Beer is obviously the best but I don't mind a Shiraz or Cab Sav with food. I also like single malt scotch. Not a big fan of the blends.
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    Best Dried Yeast For Uk Ales?

    Nottingham won't give you as many esters as Safale S-04 and is a bit more attenuative. S-04 works very well in Brown Ales and is also good for Bitters in my experience. Haven't used Nottingham but I've heard it's quite neutral (but not as neutral as Wyeast 1056)