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  1. J

    Bulk Grain

    What would be a good base grain , if I were to buy a 25Kg bag , I can get Joe White or IMC?
  2. J

    Ok It's Not Full Grain Mash Brewery

    No it's not a full grain mash brewery,,YET ! Still as a lot of you know I have been brewing over 20 years , kegging 14 years. This is my set up as of now ,more to come I promise
  3. J

    Cleaning Stainless Kegs

    I have just finished cutting the top out of two kegs , one an old 18 Gallon job. Now it's not really a problem but , if I were to deciede to polish the kegs up to look all smick , what's the easy way to do it ? I am not interested in rubbing for hours with wet and dry , some type of acid? Just...
  4. J

    Stainless Urn

    Well I suppose I am wasting my time asking you guys , but I am after an urn 30lt ( go on tell me you are too !) Anyway if you have a surplus or know where I can get one please email me Please only nice emails :unsure: :unsure:
  5. J

    [NSFW !!!!!!! ] Keg System

    :blink: :blink: Now I have a keg system ,but I do like this one ! :blink: :blink:
  6. J

    Bulk Malt

    Notice you guys pay a lot less than me for your malt grain , I admit I live up in the sticks but hell , 2.5 Kg costs me $8.50 , 500Kg $4.50 Anyone know someplace in Perth I can get bulk at a fair price ? I will arrange transport. :( :( :chug:
  7. J

    Keg For Mashing

    HI. Somewhere on this form I read a thread about converting a pub keg to a boiler , had exellent photo's of someones perfect result. I can't find it now , can anybody help me out to where it is or what to search for ? Cheers Jeff I bought a 19.5lt stainless pot today at Things for $10.00 , cheap...