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    Kit Brewers... Input

    Guys (Gals?), After being out of the industry for a while I am thinking of stepping back in with my own brand of concentrates, in 1.7kg (or 2kg, even?), 3kg, and 3kg boil kits. I have plenty of good formulations tried and tested already, but what I want to know is what do you guys really want...
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    Homebrew Job

    Guys, I know Armstrong mentioned this in a thread at the beginning of the month, but The Country Brewer still has a position available for a store manager at either the Penrith or Drummoyne store - your choice. You get to talk beer, breath beer, live beer, make beer. Pretty much what you already...
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    Malt Shovel Homebrew Concentrates

    Just thought you all might like to know that the new Malt Shovel Homebrew concentrates have arrived at our Girraween store this afternoon, and will be at the other Country Brewers (excluding Bathurst - sorry Brian) from tomorrow. Just a reminder that these kits are retailing for $18.90 and make...
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    Bock's Back Baby! ! !

    Well this morning I mentioned in the topic regarding 3kg E.S.B. kits, that I couldn't wait for the E.S.B. 15 litre bock wort kits to come back in season. Well I just found out they will begin to hit the stores this coming week, if not this afternoon! ! Some of you might have read my postings...
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    Malt Shovel About To Hit The Homebrew Market

    I attended a product launch last night at the Malt Shovel brewery - home of the James Squire range we all know and love. This launch was to introduce us to their new product range - Homebrew Concentrates! These concentrates reflect the same quality ingredients that are used in the production of...
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    Low Alcohol Beer

    Low Acohol Beer Here is a recipe that came in first place in last years NSW State Championships. 1 x Morgans Australian Pilsner 500g Light Liquid Malt 300g Crystal Malt - Steeped for 25 minutes 12g Pride of Ringwood Hops - Dry Method Standard 514 Yeast Water up to 22 litres This has a fairly...
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    New Wort Kit

    ESB have recently released a new seasonal wort kit - Irish Red. Keep an eye out for it. If you are looking for a possible commercial equivalent I believe Beamish make a red ale. Cheers, Pete :chug:
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    Yet Another Stout

    Just put this one down; 1 x 15litre ESB Fresh Wort Stout 1 x 3kg ESB Extra Special Stout 1 x 1kg Morgan's Roasted Black Malt (liquid) 2 x 12g Goldings hop bags - steeped for 20 minutes WLP004 Irish Ale yeast Totalling only 23 litres of wort. O.G 1.088 I will late hop this one with another 12g...
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    Cracking the thousand

    Just noticed in my browsing that the forum had cracked one thousand posts. Here's cheers to fiscus, for bringing us this forum, and making it a little easier to discuss Australian related homebrewing with like minded people. Cheers, Pete :chug:
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    This is one of the more popular recipes we use at the store. It is a clone of Kilkenny, and comes quite close. Muntons Yorkshire Bitter 1kg Light Malt 500g Maltodextron 12g Fuggles Boil the hops with the malt and two litres of water for 20 minutes. Add the maltodextron and stir until mixed...
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    Belgian Tripel

    Fiscus asked me what a belgian tripel was. Here is your answer. This is an extract based recipe. It requires quite a bit of malt, as well as an ingredient called candi sugar. If you are very lucky you might find candi sugar at an exotic grocery store, but more than likely you will have to make...
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    Cherry Porter

    CHERRY PORTER Ingredients 1 x Munton's Gold Docklands Porter 1kg Morgan's Chocolate Malt extract 100g chocolate grain 24g Fuggles hops (2 x 12g hop bags) 3 x 875g jars Pitted Morello Cherries White Labs WLP028 Edinburgh Ale yeast Method Place grain into a coffee plunger and fill with water hot...
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    Belgian Dubbel

    Those of you residing in NSW might have been present at the recent NSW 2002 State Homebrew Chamionship. You may have noticed that the Belgian/French category wiped the board with the top three scorers coming in first, second and fourth overall. Below is the dubbel recipe that came third in the...