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    No Chill Storage

    My only experience with the No-Chill is a few years old now but am getting back into it. I always worked - and will continue to until someone corrects me - on the assumption that if you put the lid on loosely (i.e. not airtight) and allowed it to steam for a bit the steam vapour would purge most...
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    Fire Extinguisher Co2 Bottle

    I don't *think* this is my problem - although I don't have the right sized allen key to try it . looking at it this would screw the entire shank into the body / housing further which I don't think will help. THIS makes a lot of sense. Thanks Screwtop - I reckon this is the bulk of my problem...
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    Fire Extinguisher Co2 Bottle

    Hi all, Has anyone picking up a 5KG extinguisher from Ceasefire had trouble getting a micromatic reg to screw on securely? They recommended I get a 1/2" BSP male - male nipple for the reg which I did, however the adapter doesn't really want to screw on far enough to be secure imo. It's almost...
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    Beer Festivals In Sa

    I'd be reluctant to host a dinner party any where near the same time your festival. I think it's a great idea to do a dinner party too - but I'd seperate it as a standalone event with at least a month gap for two reasons: 1 - If you want to make any decent money from both events you need people...
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    Cost Of Doing An Ag?

    Not sure what ProMash does but Beersmith gives you the total cost of ingredients for each batch (assuming you enter the relevant information). I just did my first batch in bloody ages and the price for a 35L batch worked out at $55ish. That was with no bulk buys at all, 65% efficiency with a few...
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    Oil For March Pump : Source?

    More ignorant than anal :) Because it hasn't been run in about 4 years I didn't want to go putting the wrong stuff in. Thanks for the tips all - I have some chain oil for the chainsaw which based on the above will get a run through. Cheers Boots
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    Oil For March Pump : Source?

    Thanks Poppa Joe - there's a Harley workshop on the way into work so might drop in on the way past tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.
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    Oil For March Pump : Source?

    Hi all I'm just getting back into brewing after a *cough* brief pause in brewery production. Dusted off the ol' March pump and thought I'd give it a bit of a once over. The maintenance guide states that with standard usage patterns it should be oiled with an SAE20 non-detergent type oil. Done...
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    Beer Festivals In Sa

    My main point would be that to make it successful as a standalone event - it needs to be vendor / brewer agnostic. i.e. I reckon as a festival it would have a greater chance of success if it included national craftbereweries rather than just local ones. Also no reason not to include good...
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    South Australian Microbrewers Festival

    I reckon it was a great idea poorly implemented. Changed plans to drag the family in and check it out early on Saturday arvo - evening but didn't actually go in because on arrival I thought $40 (wife + kids) was too much when it's just the same beers that are on tap / bottle inside, and there...
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    Melbourne Monstermill Bulk Buy

    If Adelaide is an option - I'll add one in Melbourne 1)losp 2) mxd 3) WarmBeer 4) seemax 5) herbo - standard MM2 (would prefer to buy hopper, base and crank handle as well) 6) bjay Adelaide (if included) 1) Boots (MM3 with base and hopper)
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    Wtb: Grain Mill

    I would be interested if a bulk buy gets off the ground.
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    China Sourcing Trip

    Added No. 17 for brew kettles. Thanks for the potential opportunity!
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    Bjcp Judges

    A change of plans may even let me come along now - not that anyone knows who I am anymore ;) Will be good to taste some homebrew for a change
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    Biscuit Malt?

    I did some home roasted biscuit in a brew earlier this year following the craftbrewer guide previously posted. Turned out a treat and was dead simple to do. Roast your own :beerbang: Edit: Although i should say i have no idea how close it came out to "real" biscuit malt....
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    Mash Temp & O.g.

    Yeah lower mash temp will only affect final gravity. It'll make the same amount of sugars (everything else remaining equal) but the type of sugars are easier to break down so you'll end up with a lower final grav. To be honest, if you had of hit expected OG when using new gear i would have...
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    Lactic Or Phosphoric Acid In Perth

    Just keep in mind that some of Homebrew Orthophos products *may* have surfactants added to make them more effective sanitisers. Grumpy's oneshot definitely did. I think that the type of surfactant they use is a lot better than dishwashing detergent :) but if you're adding to the mash you *may*...
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    Kit Beer Bos At The Nationals

    sorry to weigh in so late ... and i hope i'm not just regurgitating something already said .. Congrats on the win Dan - hopefully you don't take the bickering as attacks at you - it's one of the ongoing "debates" around here. To be honest, it *should* be harder for a beer such as yours to win...
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    Rossco Coming Down For Anawabs Presentation

    I'll be at a friends birthday party on saturday arvo / evening, but there's a whisker of a chance that I'll be able to swing by to say hi on the way through to pick up kids later in the evening if anyone is still standing. I'll give one of the adelaide guys a call on the mobile if it's looking...
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    Adelaide brewers,drinks at the Wheaty

    Quoting Jayse " so will not have my drinking hat and boots with me " Jayse has already spoken for me..... :) Sorry I haven't gotten on to AHB for ages and have only just seen this thread. I won't be able to make any of the events, but I am in the city if you want lunch on Monday. Cheers Boots