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    Calibrating Refractometers

    For those who recently received refractometers, did you calibrate them using distilled water as per the instructions? Dave
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    Drip Tray For A Fridge

    Does anybody have suggestions on a cheapish source for a drip tray to mount on the front of a fridge? All of the HBS ones are $100+, seems pretty pricey for a bit of metal. Dave
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    Miracle Box

    Guys, I'm investigating ways I can make my keg setup portable. I'm a regular camper and when we go away we don't have access to electricity. I've seen the metal plates which seem to cost a fortune. I'm trying to work out whether I can use a HEAP of beer line in an esky with ice and whether...
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    Worsts Hbs Advice Ever

    I asked my wife to pick up a can of liquid amber malt when she was down at the shops. I got home from work and realised she had bought pale malt and not amber, jumped in the car and flew down to the HBS hoping to catch them before they closed. Asked owner who said, Morgans call there Amber...
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    Propogating Yeast

    Guys, I'm about to get into liquid yeasts but decided to test my propogation techniques on a Safale dried yeast first. Not to be a tight arse but I figured it was better stuffing up a $3 yeast then a $15. Everything went well and I got 5 stubbies of yeast. Capped each stubbie and placed them...
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    Js Amber Ale - Butty Flavour?

    Guys, I tried a bottle of james Squire Amber Ale and was curious about the nutty flavour. Is this primarily from the hops or malt? Any ideas as to what they're using? Cheers
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    Bittering Hops

    Guys, I saw a recent discussion on POR hops and not to use beyond 20 or 25 IBU as they can be harsh. I'm just getting into extract brewing and I understand how the hops affect the overall bitterness depending upon their AAU but is there different types of bitterness? Besides the IBU's how do...
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    Crystal Malt

    Guys, I've got hold of 1kg crystal malt and I want to find out what it tastes like in a brew. My usual method is to make up 2 kits, one with an ingredient and one without, so I can compare them and discover what a flavour is. Can anyone recommend a kit or style for Crystal and is 1kg way over...
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    Newbie Kegging And A Beer Explosion

    Last night was to be the grand finale for a newbie kegger - the first beer pour. Unfortunately it went horribly wrong and I'm looking for suggestions. I've mounted 2 beer taps on the front of my fridge door and am using "pushlocks" to connect the beer line to the taps. I haven't seen them...